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Jazz PackagesZong Packages | Telenor Packages | UFone Packages’s purpose is to offer special facts to our online network through our website. Our group is greatly qualified and tries to bring together all reliable information and facts to respond to personal inquiries. Here, you may often find information on sim info, monitoring, codes, and programs.

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SIM Owner Details Offline Method

Method Description
Visit Service Center Visit the nearest mobile service center with your SIM card. Provide necessary identification and request SIM owner details. They will verify your identity and share the information.
Contact Customer Care Call your mobile network’s customer care helpline. Talk with a representative by following the instructions.
Provide necessary details (such as SIM number, name, and address) to inquire about the SIM owner.
SIM Registration Centers Some countries have SIM registration centers where you can verify SIM ownership. Visit these centers with valid identification to get details.
Local Authorities In certain cases (such as legal investigations), local authorities (police, etc.) can access SIM owner information. However, this method is subject to legal procedures.

SIM Owner Details Online Method

If a person’s SIM is found you can trace the owner’s address and retransmit it. Our website will help you to trace the owner of this SIM so that the SIM can be delivered to him.

Method Description
Sim Ownership Send the short code “MNP” to 667 from the SIM you are using to know SIM information.
Calling the Service Provider Call or visit your network service provider for SIM registration status and owner’s name.
Online SIM Information Portals Check websites that provide SIM owner details along with CNIC.
Government Databases Explore government databases for SIM registration information.
Mobile Applications Use mobile apps that offer SIM owner lookup services.

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How To Check Sim Owner Details Using

To check SIM owner details using Visit and Enter the phone number in the search box. Click the “Search” button and View the displayed owner details.