SCOM Internet Packages 2024

SCOM Internet Packages 2024

SCOM Internet Packages

SCOM Internet Packages introduce you to a world of comprehensive data services offered by the leading telecommunications companies in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. With SCOM, you have access to a wide array of services including exclusive data packages, catering to your needs whether you’re using a SCOM sim or accessing services on both 3G and 4G networks.

This article serves as your guide to understanding the various internet options available in 2024, from daily to monthly SCOM packages. Whether you’re a prepaid customer or looking for night data options, you’ll find the necessary details to make an informed choice about the best SCOM internet package for you.

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Daily Internet Packages

Navigating through SCOM’s daily internet packages, you’ll find a variety tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose:

SCOM Daily Internet Offers

Package Name Data Volume Price (incl. Tax) Validity Ideal For
SCOM Daily 200MB Package 200 MB Rs. 20 1 Day Light internet users
SCOM Daily Plus Offer 500 MB Rs. 29 1 Day Moderate data users

Daily Usage and Communication Packages

Package Name SCOM Family Minutes SMS Offnet Minutes Price (incl. Tax) Validity
DAILY CALL 250 Minutes 250 SMS Rs. 17 1 Day
DAILY PLUS 500 Minutes 500 SMS Rs. 30 1 Day
DAILY FREEDOM 100 Minutes 30 SMS 30 Minutes Rs. 40 1 Day

Enhanced Daily Options

Package Name Daytime Data Nighttime Data Price (incl. Tax) Validity
DAILY 500 250 MB 250 MB Rs. 28 1 Day
DAILY PLUS 500 MB 500 MB Rs. 45 1 Day

SCOM Daily Internet Packages:

    • SCOM Daily 200MB Package: For a minimal Rs. 20, enjoy 200MB of data valid for 1 day. Ideal for light internet users.
    • SCOM Daily Plus Offer: Offers 500MB of internet at Rs. 29, also with a 1-day validity. Perfect for those needing a bit more data throughout the day.
  • Daily Usage and Communication Packages:
    • DAILY CALL: Get 250 SCOM Family Minutes and 250 SMS for just Rs. 17, valid for 1 day.
    • DAILY PLUS: Doubles the offer with 500 SCOM Family Minutes and 500 SMS at Rs. 30, maintaining the 1-day validity.
    • DAILY FREEDOM: Includes 100 SCOM Family Minutes, and 30 Offnet Minutes for Rs. 40, also valid for a day.
  • Enhanced Daily Options:
    • DAILY 500: Offers 250MB plus an additional 250MB for night use at Rs. 28, perfect for day and night users.
    • DAILY PLUS: Provides a generous 500MB plus an extra 500MB for a night, priced at Rs. 45, ensuring connectivity round the clock.

These packages are designed to cater to a range of users, from those who require minimal data for quick browsing to individuals needing ample data for extensive use throughout the day and night.

Weekly Internet Packages

Transitioning from daily to weekly internet needs, SCOM packages offer a variety of options tailored for those who prefer longer-term data plans. Here is a concise overview of the weekly internet packages available:

Package Name Data Volume Social Focus Price (incl. Tax) Validity
SCOM Weekly 800 MB 800 MB No Rs. 80 7 Days
SCOM Social Pack 7 GB Yes Rs. 80 7 Days
SCOM Super Weekly Offer 2 GB No Rs. 129 7 Days
SCOM Dhamaka Offer 3 GB No Rs. 150 7 Days
Weekly 6 GB 6 GB (3 GB + 3 GB Night) No Rs. 170 7 Days
Weekly Super Offer 10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB Night) No Rs. 210 7 Days

Note: Night data usage timing (likely 12 midnight to 9 am but not explicitly mentioned) may vary. Refer to SCOM’s official website or contact customer service for exact details.

  • SCOM Weekly 800 MB & Social Pack:
    • Offers 800MB of data for only Rs. 80, valid for 7 days.
    • The Social Pack provides a hefty 7GB dedicated to social media usage at the same price and duration.
  • SCOM Super Weekly & Dhamaka Offers:
    • The Super Weekly Offer includes 2GB of data for Rs. 129.
    • The Dhamaka Offer ups the ante with 3GB of internet for Rs. 150, both valid for a week.

For those needing even more data, the Weekly 6 GB and Weekly Super Offer are perfect, providing 6GB (3GB + 3GB night) and 10GB (7GB + 3GB night) of internet respectively, priced at Rs. 170 and Rs. 210. These packages ensure that your weekly internet needs are covered, whether it’s for work, study, or entertainment, making them an ideal choice for SCOM sim users seeking flexibility and value.

Monthly Internet Packages

As we delve into the monthly internet packages provided by SCOM, it becomes evident that there’s a plan to suit everyone’s needs, from light users who prioritize social media and texting to heavy data consumers and even business requirements. Here’s a closer look:

Package Name Data Volume Social Focus SMS Price (incl. Tax) Validity
SCOM Unlimited SMS & WhatsApp Package 300 MB (WhatsApp) Yes (WhatsApp) 2000 SMS Rs. 50 30 Days
SCOM Social Media Package 7 GB Yes Rs. 300 30 Days

Moderate to Heavy Usage Options

Package Name Data Volume Night Data Price (incl. Tax) Validity
SCOM Monthly Gold 6 GB Rs. 449 30 Days
SCOM Monthly Premium 10 GB Rs. 549 30 Days
SCOM Monthly Data Lite 20 GB (15 GB + 5 GB) Yes (5 GB) Rs. 499 30 Days
Monthly Premium Package 35 GB (25 GB + 10 GB) Yes (10 GB) Rs. 799 30 Days
Monthly Data Max 50 GB (35 GB + 15 GB) Yes (15 GB) Rs. 999 30 Days

Specialized Packages

Note: Details on Student, Consumer, and Business Packages (data speed, validity, etc.) might require referring to SCOM’s official website or contacting customer service for the latest information.

  • Light Usage Options:
    • SCOM Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp Package: At Rs. 50, enjoy 300MB of WhatsApp data and 2000 SMS for 30 days.
    • SCOM Social Media Package: Get 7GB of social data for Rs. 300, valid for 30 days.
  • Moderate to Heavy Usage Options:
    • SCOM Monthly Gold: Offers 6GB of internet data for Rs. 449, valid for 30 days.
    • SCOM Monthly Premium: For those needing more, this plan provides 10GB for Rs. 549 over 30 days.
    • SCOM Monthly Data Lite: A balanced option with 20GB (15GB + 5GB night) for Rs. 499.
    • Monthly Premium Package: Amp up your data with 35GB (25GB + 10GB night) for Rs. 799.
    • Monthly Data Max: The ultimate package with 50GB (35GB + 15GB night) for Rs. 999.
  • Specialized Packages:
    • Student Package: Tailored for students, offering 300GBs at 1Mbps for Rs. 999.
    • Consumer Packages: For home users, with options ranging from 300GBs at 2Mbps for Rs. 1299 to 300GBs at 3Mbps for Rs. 1799.
    • Business Package: Designed for businesses, providing 300GBs at 4Mbps for Rs. 1999.

Each of these packages is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of SCOM sim users, ensuring that whether you’re a student, a home user, or running a business, there’s a SCOM package that’s just right for you.

Super Card Internet Package

The SCOM Super Card Internet Package for 2024 stands out as a versatile and comprehensive solution catering to a wide range of needs, from daily to monthly internet requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the key offerings:

Feature Details
Price (incl. Tax) Rs. 550
On-Net Minutes 3000 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes 200 Minutes
Local SMS 3000 SMS
Internet Data 5 GB
Free Facebook Yes
Validity 30 Days

Weekly and Monthly Highlights

Here’s a glimpse of some other attractive SCOM offerings:

Package Name Inclusions Price (incl. Tax) Validity
Mega Weekly Offer 1200 SCOM Family Minutes, 150 Offnet Minutes, 3500 SMS, 3GB + 3GB (Night) Rs. 250 7 Days
MEGA MONTHLY OFFER & SUPER LOAD MAX Details on data allowances and minutes vary – caters to heavy data users and families. 30 Days

Specialized SNet Packages (Details might vary)

Note: Refer to SCOM’s official website or contact customer service for the latest details on data speed, validity, etc. for Student, Home Plus, and Business Packages.

Package Name Data Speed Price (incl. Tax)
Student 300 GB 1 Mbps Rs. 999
Home Plus 300 GB 2 Mbps Rs. 1299
Business 300 GB 4 Mbps Rs. 1999


  • SCOM Super Card Gold:
    • Price: Rs. 550
    • Inclusions: 3000 On-Net Minutes, 200 Off-Net Minutes, 3000 Local SMS, 5GB Internet Data, Free Facebook
    • Validity: 30 Days
  • Weekly and Monthly Highlights:
    • Mega Weekly Offer: 1200 SCOM Family Minutes, 150 Offnet Minutes, 3500 SMS, 3GB + 3GB (Night), Rs. 250, 7 Days Validity
    • MEGA MONTHLY OFFER & SUPER LOAD MAX: Offers varying data allowances and minutes, catering to heavy data users and families alike.
  • Specialized SNet Packages:
    • Student: 300GBs at 1Mbps for Rs. 999
    • Home Plus: 300GBs at 2Mbps for Rs. 1299
    • Business: 300GBs at 4Mbps for Rs. 1999

These packages are designed to ensure that SCOM sim users find an option that perfectly matches their internet usage patterns, from minimal daily needs to extensive monthly requirements.

Tips and Recommendations for Choosing the Best SCOM Internet Package

Choosing the best SCOM internet package requires a strategic approach to ensure that you get the most value for your money while meeting your internet usage needs. Here are some tips and recommendations to guide you:

  • Duration and Data Needs:
    • Assess your typical internet usage duration and choose between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages accordingly.
    • Compare data limits to find the package that best suits your consumption pattern. For instance, the SCOM Weekly 800 MB package may suffice for moderate users, while heavy users might prefer the SCOM Monthly Gold package.
  • Price and Additional Features:
    • Consider the price of each package against the data and additional features offered. The SCOM Super Card Gold, for example, includes extensive On-Net and Off-Net minutes, SMS, and 5GB of data, making it a comprehensive choice for diverse needs.
    • Always check for hidden charges to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Promotions and Network Availability:
    • Keep an eye on promotional offers that can provide extra value.
    • Ensure the chosen package is available in your region to enjoy uninterrupted services.

By carefully considering these aspects, you can select a SCOM package that aligns perfectly with your usage patterns and budget, ensuring a seamless internet experience.


As we have explored throughout this guide, SCOM offers a rich variety of internet packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of users in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. From daily options perfect for light users to monthly and specialized packages designed for heavy data consumers, students, and businesses, SCOM ensures there is a fitting option for everyone. The array of choices not only highlights the flexibility in choosing what best suits individual requirements but also the ease of staying connected, whether for work, study, or leisure.


What are the current monthly internet packages offered by SCOM? SCOM caters to users with high data usage by offering two monthly packages. The Monthly Gold package provides 6GB of internet data for Rs. 449, while the Monthly Premium package offers 10GB for Rs. 549.

How can I subscribe to SCOM call and internet packages? To activate SCOM calls and internet packages, you can dial *725#. SCOM is the telecommunications provider serving Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) as well as Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), and these codes are used exclusively within these regions.

Can you explain what AJK and GB refer to in the context of SCOM? AJK stands for Azad Jammu & Kashmir and GB refers to Gilgit Baltistan. SCOM is at the forefront of providing these regions with advanced communication technology. The company is dedicated to offering the best coverage and quality of data services to its customers in these areas.

What is the procedure to sign up for a SCOM internet package? To subscribe to a SCOM internet package, simply dial *111#. This code will allow you to access and activate the internet package services provided by SCOM.

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