Jazz Monthly Internet Package 24 Hours (2024)

Jazz Monthly Internet Package 24 Hours (2024)

Jazz Monthly Internet Package:

In today’s world, staying connected is essential, whether browsing your emails, catching up on social media, or exploring the internet’s endless facets. Jazz Monthly Internet Packages, catering to prepaid and postpaid users, offer a seamless connection across cities, ensuring that your data needs are met around the clock through options like the Jazz one-day net pkg.

Managing your internet subscription is easier than ever with the Jazz World App, a hub for services including SIM ordering, recharging, and package verification. Beyond ease of use, these packages present a variety of choices to suit different needs, from jazz internet packages to specialized bundles, enhancing your online experience with flexibility and convenience.

How to Activate Jazz Monthly Internet Package 24 Hours

Activating your desired Jazz Monthly Internet Package for 24 hours is straightforward and can be done directly from your Jazz SIM. Here’s how you can keep yourself connected to the internet all month long:

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages: Quick Activation Guide

  1. Jazz Monthly Basic Internet Package
    • Subscription Code: Dial *117*11#
    • Charges: Rs. 250 per month
  2. Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package
    • Subscription Code: Dial *117*14#
    • Charges: Rs. 600 per month
  3. Jazz Monthly Supreme Internet Package
    • Subscription Code: Dial 1*17*32#
    • Charges: Rs. 885 per month
  4. Jazz Monthly Ultimate Internet Package
    • Subscription Code: Dial *117*04#
    • Charges: Rs. 1,195 per month
Package Name Price Data Minutes SMS Validity Activation Code
Monthly Browser Bundle PKR 215 6 GB 30 Days *117*77#
Monthly Social Plus Package PKR 75 6 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO 30 Days *617#
Monthly Mega Plus PKR 600 25 GB (15 GB 1 AM – 9 AM) 30 Days *117*30#
Monthly Extreme PKR 120 5 GB (2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days *117*34#
Monthly Mega PKR 375 12 GB (6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Days *708##
Monthly Supreme PKR 885 30 GB (15 GB 1 AM – 9 AM) 30 Days *117*32#
Monthly Super Duper PKR 868 10 GB 3000 Jazz Mins, 300 Other Network Mins 3000 30 Days *706#


Remember, these packages are non-recursive; you’ll need to dial the subscription code again to renew the offer after a month. For those who prefer daily or specific bundles, Jazz also provides a variety of daily packages such as the Daily Mega Package or the Daily YouTube and Social Package, each with its activation code and no automatic renewal. This ensures you have the flexibility to choose a package that best suits your internet needs, whether it’s for a day or an entire month.

Features and Benefits of Jazz Monthly Internet Package

Exploring the features and benefits of Jazz Monthly Internet Packages reveals a suite of options designed to meet a variety of user needs. Here’s a closer look:

  • Generous Data Allowance: With packages offering up to 50 GB of data, users with moderate to high internet consumption find these plans particularly appealing. Whether it’s streaming, browsing, or downloading, there’s ample data to go around.
  • Device Compatibility: These packages aren’t just for smartphones; tablets and other internet-enabled devices are also supported, ensuring you stay connected regardless of the device you’re using.
  • Flexible & Diverse Plans:
    • Call and SMS Integration: Beyond just data, some packages come bundled with thousands of Jazz and other network minutes plus SMS, offering a comprehensive communication solution.
    • Plan Flexibility: From budget-friendly options to premium packages, there’s something for everyone. Users can prioritize based on call minutes, SMS limits, or data volumes, tailoring their package to their specific needs.
    • Special Offers: Location-based offers and non-internet packages cater to unique user requirements, adding another layer of customization.

These features underscore Jazz’s commitment to providing quality, flexibility, and value, making it a standout choice for mobile internet users.

Managing Your Internet Usage

Managing your internet usage effectively requires understanding how your activities impact your data consumption. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Application and Website Access:
    • Every time you open or access an application or website, a portion of your data package in MBs is reserved. This means frequent browsing or app usage can quickly deplete your data.
  2. Monitoring and Tracking:
    • Assess Mobile Usage Patterns: Take note of how much time you spend on calls, texts, and especially online activities.
    • Regular Data Checks: Keep an eye on your data usage to avoid unexpected charges. Tools for this include:
      • Computer and mobile monitoring software
      • Browser extensions specifically designed for tracking data usage
  3. Smart Device Management:
    • Connected Devices: Be aware that devices connected to your home network use data, even in the background.
    • Power Management: Turning off or disconnecting devices when not in use helps save data.

Remember, data is utilized across 2G/3G/4G networks, with an overage charge of Rs. 2.25/MB. The speed of your internet can vary based on several factors, and without a subscribed bundle, the standard rate of Rs. 5/MB applies. Also, the required balance for bundles might be rounded to the nearest whole number, making it crucial to manage your usage and subscriptions wisely.

Key Features and Pricing

Understanding the pricing and key features of Jazz Monthly Internet Packages is crucial for choosing the right plan. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate your options:

  • Basic to Ultimate Packages:
    • Monthly Basic: 1GB for Rs. 250 – Ideal for light users.
    • Monthly Premium: 5GB for Rs. 600 – Suited for moderate internet users.
    • Monthly Supreme: 10GB for Rs. 885 – Great for heavy internet activities.
    • Monthly Ultimate: 15GB for Rs. 1,195 – Best for extensive internet usage.
  • Specialized Packages:
    • Monthly Max: Rs. 1390 (incl. tax) – A comprehensive option for all-around use.
    • Jazz Business Microsoft 365 Packages: Four plans catering to various business needs.
    • Jazz Business Microsoft 365 Education Packages: Three plans designed for educational purposes.
  • Additional Offers:
    • Weekly Mega Bundle: 7GB for Rs. 210 – A short-term solution for high data needs.
    • Monthly Social Bundle: 6GB for Rs. 182.60 – Perfect for social media enthusiasts.
    • Heavy Bundle: 180GBs for Rs. 2,609 – Ideal for businesses or heavy-duty internet users.

These options showcase Jazz’s commitment to providing flexible, value-driven packages for every type of user, ensuring you can stay connected without breaking the bank.


Throughout this article, we’ve delved into the myriad of Jazz Monthly Internet Packages, highlighting their versatility and user-friendliness for a broad spectrum of internet users. From the basic to the ultimate packages, Jazz caters to everyone from the occasional browser to the heavy data user, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and enriched online experiences. The ease of package activation, coupled with a comprehensive overview of features and benefits, underscores Jazz’s commitment to delivering not just data plans but a seamless digital lifestyle to its consumers.


Q: How can I subscribe to the Jazz 30-day internet package? A: To subscribe to the Monthly X package for 30 calendar days, dial *7733#. Remember, this bundle is not automatically renewed; you must dial *7733# again to reactivate the package after it expires.

Q: Can you tell me about the Jazz monthly package for Rs. 99? A: The Mahana Bachat Offer available for just Rs. 99 includes 4GB of data, 300 Jazz minutes, 2000 SMS, and 40 minutes for other networks. You can subscribe to this offer through the Easypaisa Bundle Bash promotion.

Q: What does the Jazz monthly package for Rs. 60 include? A: For Rs. 60, Jazz offers a package that includes 6GB of data, 600 Jazz minutes/SMS, and 30 minutes for calls to other networks.

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