Jazz 3 Day Max Offer | Best of 2024 Package

Jazz 3 Day Max Offer | Best of 2024 Package

Navigating the my riad of Jazz internet packages can be daunting. Still, the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer stands out for its comprehensive bundle, providing 1 GB of data, 1000 Jazz minutes, and 1000 SMS, tailored for the convenience of both new and existing prepaid customers. This offer, available until further notice, is not just about staying connected; it’s a testament to Jazz’s commitment to offering valuable services, amidst considerations of internet speed variations, taxes, and compliance with terms and conditions.

How to Subscribe to Jazz 3 Day Max Offer

To subscribe to the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Activation:
    • Dial *631# on your device. This code is your gateway to activating the offer.
    • Upon dialing, you will instantly subscribe to the 3-Day Max Offer, valid for 3 calendar days, including the day of subscription. Remember, the offer expires at midnight on the 3rd calendar day.
  2. Multiple Subscriptions:
    • You are allowed to subscribe to the offer more than once. This provides flexibility and ensures you can enjoy the benefits continuously.
    • To avail of the offer after it expires, simply dial *631# again.
  3. Checking Status and Remaining MBs:
    • To keep track of your data usage and the offer’s status, dial *631*2#.
    • This helps you manage your data efficiently and ensures you never run out unexpectedly.

Remember, the offer is non-recursive, meaning it will not automatically renew. Each activation costs Rs.69 (Incl. Tax), making it a cost-effective solution for your data, SMS, and calling needs.

Subscription Process and Charges

Understanding the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer’s subscription process and charges is crucial for maximizing its benefits. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Subscription Fee:
    • The offer is priced at Rs. 69 (Incl. Tax), providing an all-inclusive bundle of 1 GB data, 1000 Jazz minutes, 10 minutes to other networks, and 1000 SMS for 3 days.
  • Charges and Rates:
    • Base Rate: Without any bundle, the base internet rate is Rs. 5/MB.
    • Overage Rate: For this offer, the overage rate is Rs. 2.25/MB, applicable after exhausting the initial data limit.
    • Multiple Subscriptions: Allowed, facilitating continuous enjoyment of the offer’s benefits. To re-subscribe, dial *631#.
  • Important Considerations:
    • The package is non-recursive; it doesn’t renew automatically.
    • All included minutes, SMS, and data expire at 23:59 hours on the 3rd day.
    • The offer’s price and charges are subject to applicable taxes, with the actual amount of balance and recharge potentially rounded to the nearest whole number.

Key Features of the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer

Diving into the key features of the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, it’s essential to understand what sets this package apart for Jazz and Warid prepaid customers. Here’s a breakdown of what you get and how it benefits your connectivity needs:

  • Comprehensive Communication Bundle:
    • Data: 1 GB of internet data, including an additional 500MBs available from 2 am to 2 pm, catering to both early birds and night owls.
    • Voice Minutes: 1000 Jazz to Jazz/Warid minutes plus 10 minutes for other networks, ensuring you stay connected with everyone.
    • SMS: 1000 SMS to any network, allowing for seamless text communication.
  • Flexibility and Convenience:
    • 24/7 Usability: All minutes, data, and SMS are usable 24 hours a day, with no time restrictions, offering flexibility regardless of your schedule.
    • Multiple Subscriptions: The ability to subscribe to the offer multiple times enhances continuous connectivity without waiting for the package to expire.
    • Non-Recursive: The offer is non-recursive, providing control over when you choose to renew, aligning with your usage and budget.
  • Technical Aspects and Validity:
    • Charging Pulse: The offer operates on a 512 KB charging pulse, optimizing data usage.
    • Validity: All benefits are valid for 3 calendar days, including the day of subscription, expiring at 23:59 hrs of the 3rd day.
    • Internet Speed: Actual internet speed may vary based on several factors, including SIM, device, and network congestion, ensuring a balanced user experience.

This detailed breakdown highlights the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer’s versatility, making it a compelling choice for users seeking a balanced mix of data, voice, and SMS benefits under a short-term package.

Benefits of the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer

Exploring the benefits of the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer reveals its appeal to users seeking both high data volume and speed, alongside economic value. Here’s a closer look:

  • High-Speed Data at Economical Rates:
    • High Data Volume: Tailored for users requiring substantial data over a short period, this package delivers 1 GB of data, enhancing your browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Priced at Rs. 69 (Incl. Tax), it strikes a balance between affordability and the provision of ample data, making it an economical choice for intensive internet users.
  • Structured Validity and Overage Rates:
    • Defined Validity: The offer’s 3-day lifespan ensures users can plan their internet usage effectively, with the package expiring at midnight on the 3rd calendar day.
    • Transparent Overage Rates: An overage rate of Rs. 2.25/MB applies post the initial data cap, ensuring users are aware of extra charges. Additionally, if not subscribed to any bundle, a base rate of Rs. 5/MB applies, with a charging pulse of 512 KB.
  • Speed and Accessibility:
    • Variable Internet Speed: Realizing that speed can fluctuate, the offer’s performance is influenced by factors such as SIM, device, and network traffic, ensuring a realistic expectation of internet speed.

This structured approach to providing high-volume data at an economical price, coupled with clear terms on validity and overage, positions the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer as a compelling choice for short-term, high-usage subscribers.


The Jazz 3 Day Max Offer emerges as an exceptional proposition for prepaid customers seeking a balanced blend of internet data, voice minutes, and SMS over a short span, underscored by the economic advantage it offers. This comprehensive package, detailed from subscription processes to benefits, caters adeptly to the dynamic needs of Jazz and Warid users, ensuring connectivity without compromise. By encapsulating the core components of convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, it reinforces Jazz’s commitment to delivering value-driven solutions to its users.


What is the procedure to activate the Jazz 3-Day Max Offer? To activate the Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, you need to dial *631#. This will subscribe you to the offer for 3 calendar days, and it will expire at midnight on the third day, which includes the day of subscription. Remember that the offer is not automatically renewed; you must dial *631# each time you wish to reactivate the offer.

What does the Jazz 35 rupees package include? The Jazz 35 rupees package allows you to gift 1 GB of data and 100 Jazz minutes to someone for 3 days. The subscription fee for this package is Rs. 35, including tax.

How can I subscribe to the RS 60 package from Jazz? You can enjoy the benefits of the Super Chenab Offer from Jazz by subscribing to their RS 60 package.

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