Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2024 | Best of Jazz Packages

Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2024 | Best of Jazz Packages

With Jazz Daily Internet Packages, you can enjoy high-speed internet access to stay connected throughout the day. whether it’s for staying updated on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or for essential tasks such as checking email, job searches, and accessing various services.

From the Jazz Daily Mega Package designed for heavy data users to the more specific Daily YouTube & Social package for those who enjoy streaming and staying active on social media, these plans are crafted to cater to every need. With such variety, including hourly, daily, and location-based offers, you’re equipped to choose the perfect package that aligns with your daily internet consumption patterns, keeping you connected across all devices and networks efficiently.

Jazz Daily Data Bundle

Jazz offers a variety of daily internet packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular Jazz Daily Data Bundles:

  • Jazz Daily Mega Package
    • Data: 1000 MB
    • Cost: Rs. 25 (incl. tax)
    • Activation: Dial *117*4# or use the Jazz World app
    • Validity: 24 hours (non-renewable)
  • Jazz Daily Super Offer
    • Data: 150 MB
    • Extras: 1440 Jazz minutes, 50 SMS
    • Cost: Rs. 17 (incl. tax)
    • Activation: Dial *212# or *444# and select the super daily offer
  • Jazz Daily Extreme
    • Data: 2000 MBs
    • Cost: Rs. 18 (incl. tax)
    • Activation: Dial *757#
    • Validity: 1 day
Package Name Price Data Minutes SMS Validity Activation Code
Daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle PKR 30 25 MB for WhatsApp only 1500 1 Day  *101*1*07#
Punjab Daily Offer PKR 12 250 MB Unlimited Jazz On Net 1000 1 Day *6000#
Sindh Daily Offer PKR 21 250 MB Unlimited Jazz On Net 1500 1 Day *522#
Karachi Daily Offer PKR 21 250 MB Unlimited Jazz On Net 1500 1 Day *400#
KP Daily Offer PKR 21 250 MB Unlimited Jazz On Net 1500 1 Day *291#
3 Day Max Offer PKR 60 1 GB 10 Other Networks, 1000 Jazz On Net 1000 3 Days *631#
Daily Super Offer PKR 17 150 MB 1440 Jazz On Net 50 1 Day *212#
Daily YouTube and Social PKR 15 1 GB for YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp 1 Day *620#
Daily Mega PKR 25 1000 MB 1 Day *117*4#
Daily Extreme PKR 15 2 GB 12 AM – 12 PM *757#


For those needing a mix of data and communication, options like the Jazz Daily Super Plus and Jazz Day Bundle offer a balanced combination of internet data, minutes, and SMS, ensuring you stay connected throughout the day. Each package is designed to cater to different usage patterns, from heavy data users to those needing a quick daily fix for their social and communication needs.

Jazz Daily Social and YouTube Package

For those who are active on social media and enjoy streaming on YouTube, Jazz has tailored the Daily Social and YouTube Package to keep you connected. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Jazz Daily YouTube and Social Package: Offers 1.5 GB of high-speed 3G/4G data for Rs. 27 (incl. tax), valid for 24 hours. This package is perfect for users who frequently access YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
    • Activation: Easy subscription through the Jazz World app or by dialing *968# on your mobile device.
    • Check Balance: To monitor your remaining data and the package’s validity, simply dial 9683#.

Jazz ensures that the package is versatile, supporting usage in 2G/3G/4G network areas, and catering to different device capabilities. Keep in mind, that the internet speed may vary based on factors like the SIM, device, and network congestion. For those who exceed the 1.5 GB limit, an overage of Rs. 2/MB applies. Additionally, Jazz offers a Daily Social Recursive bundle, providing 200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp at Rs. 5.98 + Tax, with automatic renewal every 24 hours for uninterrupted connectivity. To avail of this offer, dial *455#.

Jazz Daily Mega & Super Data Offers

Diving deeper into Jazz’s offerings, the Jazz Daily Mega & Super Data Offers stand out for those requiring significant data and connectivity perks within 24 hours. Jazz has meticulously designed these packages to cater to various needs, ensuring you’re always connected, whether it’s for work, social media, or entertainment.

  • Jazz Daily Mega Package:
    • Data: 1GB
    • Cost: Rs. 27 to Rs. 35 (incl. tax), depending on the activation method
    • Activation: Dial *117*4# or use the Jazz World app
    • Validity: 1 day
  • Jazz Daily Super Offer:
    • Data: 150MB to 200MB
    • Extras: 1440 Jazz minutes + 50 SMS
    • Cost: Rs. 17 to Rs. 30 (incl. tax), varying by region
    • Activation: Dial *212# or *444# and select the super daily offer
  • Jazz Daily Super Plus:
    • Data: 500MB
    • Extras: 500 Jazz Mins + 5 Other Network Mins + 500 SMS
    • Cost: Rs. 28 to Rs. 35 (incl. tax)
    • Validity: 1 day

These packages are designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating different usage patterns and ensuring that whether you’re a heavy data user or someone who needs a balanced mix of internet, minutes, and SMS, Jazz has you covered.

How to Subscribe to Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Subscribing to Jazz Daily Internet Packages is straightforward and can be done in a couple of ways to suit your convenience:

  • Through USSD Codes and the Jazz World App:
    • To activate any Jazz Internet Package, you can either dial specific USSD codes or use the Jazz World app. For instance, to check the remaining MBs and validity, simply dial *117*4*2# or navigate through the Jazz World app.
  • Specific Offers Activation:
    • Jazz Free Facebook: Dial *349# to enjoy free Facebook browsing.
    • Jazz Free Whatsapp Offer: For unlimited Whatsapp messaging, dial *311# at a minimal cost of Rs. 2 (incl. tax).
    • Jazz Daily SMS & Whatsapp Bundle: Stay connected with SMS and Whatsapp by dialing *334# for just Rs. 8 (incl. tax).

Remember, for any inquiries or assistance regarding the subscription process, the Jazz World app also offers customer support services. This seamless subscription process ensures that staying connected with your loved ones or fulfilling your online needs is just a few taps away.


Throughout this exploration of Jazz’s daily internet packages, it’s clear that the company has made significant strides in ensuring that users have access to data plans that are not only versatile but also cater to a myriad of daily connectivity needs. Whether it’s for heavy data users in search of the Daily Mega Package, social butterflies gravitating towards the Daily YouTube & Social package, or those requiring a balanced mix of internet, minutes, and SMS through offers like the Jazz Daily Super Plus, Jazz has a solution tailored for every type of user.


What are the details of the Jazz monthly internet package for 2024? The details for the Jazz monthly internet package of 2024 have not been provided. Please check the official Jazz website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on monthly internet packages.

How do I subscribe to a Jazz daily internet package? To subscribe to the Daily Mega Jazz Internet Package, dial *117*4# on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can use the Jazz World App to activate this offer.

How do I activate the Jazz weekly internet package for 2024? To activate the Jazz Weekly Social Package for 2024, dial *660# from your Jazz SIM. This package costs Rs 50 and allows you to use 4 GB of data from 2 AM to 2 PM only.

What is the subscription code for the Jazz 7-day package? To subscribe to the Weekly Super Max Offer, which lasts for 7 calendar days, dial *506# from your Jazz SIM.

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