How to Share Balance with Telenor 2024

How to Share Balance with Telenor in 2024

Share Balance with Telenor:

With Share Balance with Telenor, you can now conveniently transfer mobile credit to your friends and family who are also Telenor subscribers. This service allows Telenor Pakistan Prepaid subscribers to use the Telenor balance share code to transfer credit between PKR 20 to PKR 200 to other Prepaid numbers, making it a vital tool for Telenor users interested in Telenor Internet Packages, Call Packages, or simply ensuring consistent communication.

By simply dialing *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and pressing 1 for confirmation, you can share your balance up to 10 times a day, enhancing the convenience of sending credit to family members or ensuring your team has what they need to stay connected.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Share Balance with Telenor in 2024

To share your Telenor balance seamlessly in 2024, follow this straightforward guide:

  1. Initiating the Balance Transfer:
    • Dial the Telenor balance share code: *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount#.
    • Replace 923xxxxxxxxx with the recipient’s Telenor number in international format.
    • Replace Amount with the sum you wish to share, between PKR 20 to PKR 200.
  2. Confirmation:
    • After dialing the code, press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.
    • You and the recipient will both receive a confirmation message, ensuring the transaction has been completed successfully.
  3. Key Points to Remember:
    • Smart Share Limit: You can use the Smart Share feature up to 10 times a day.
    • Service Charge: Each balance share transaction incurs a fee of PKR 3.99+tax.
    • Validity: The transferred balance will retain the same validity as the original balance.
    • No Refunds: Be cautious when entering the recipient’s number, as transactions to incorrect numbers are non-refundable.
    • Activation: If you haven’t used Smart Share before, activate it by calling 345 or visiting any Telenor Sales & Service Centre.

By adhering to these steps, you can effortlessly share your Telenor balance, supporting friends or family members with their communication needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Balance Sharing

To participate in Telenor’s Smart Share, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria ensuring a smooth experience in sharing balance among Telenor users. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Applicable Users:
    • Prepaid Subscribers: Only Telenor Prepaid users can initiate a balance share.
    • Recipient Criteria: The receiving party must also be a Telenor Prepaid customer.
    • Network Tenure: Both sender and receiver should have been active on the Telenor network for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Transaction Details:
    • Shareable Amount: Users can share between Rs. 15 to Rs. 200.
    • Taxation: Standard taxes apply to each transaction.
    • Transaction Limit: Balance sharing is permissible up to 10 times a day.
  • Additional Notes:
    • Postpaid Exclusion: Postpaid customers are ineligible for balance sharing.
    • International Roaming: Telenor Prepaid users can avail of this feature in numerous international locations, enhancing connectivity across borders.
    • Terms and Conditions: Users are advised to stay updated with any changes in codes or terms by visiting the Telenor website.

This comprehensive eligibility outline ensures that Telenor users are well-informed about the prerequisites and conditions of the Smart Share feature, facilitating seamless balance transfers within the Telenor community.

Costs and Limits for Telenor Balance Sharing

Understanding the financial and frequency limits of Telenor’s balance sharing in 2024 is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are the key points:

  • Transaction Limits and Costs:
    • Minimum and Maximum Shareable Amounts: You can share a minimum of Rs. 20.00 and a maximum of Rs. 200.00 per transaction.
    • Daily Limit: Up to 10 balance-sharing transactions are permitted each day, ensuring you can support multiple family members or team members.
    • Transfer Fee: Each sharing transaction incurs a charge of Rs. 7.00, inclusive of tax, making it a cost-effective way to transfer credit.
  • Validity and Requirements:
    • Validity of Transferred Balance: The balance you share retains its original validity period, seamlessly extending the communication capabilities of the recipient without altering the expiry.
    • Sender’s Account Balance: Ensure your account balance is above the minimum required for sharing to avoid transaction failures.
  • Additional Information:
    • Subscription Type: The service operates on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis, with a price of PKR 7 only for each transaction.
    • Standard Taxes: Remember, standard taxes apply to each balance-sharing transaction, aligning with Telenor’s transparent billing practices.

This detailed breakdown ensures you’re well informed about the costs and limits associated with Telenor’s balance sharing, facilitating a seamless support system within the Telenor community.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When sharing balance with Telenor, encountering issues can be frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth transaction:

  • Balance Check Before and After Transfer:
    1. Before initiating a transfer, dial *444# from your Telenor SIM to check your current balance. This service costs Rs 0.24 excluding taxes.
    2. After completing the transfer, use the same code to confirm that the correct amount has been deducted.
  • Using the My Telenor App:
    • Download the My Telenor App and sign up with your Telenor number. This allows you to view your balance directly on the app’s homepage, offering a convenient alternative to USSD codes.
  • Common Errors and Solutions:
    • If you accidentally send the balance to the wrong number, note that Telenor does not offer refunds for such mistakes. Always double-check the recipient’s number before confirming the transfer.
    • Remember, Smart Share transactions do not extend the validity of your prepaid connection. Ensure you are aware of your balance’s expiry to avoid unexpected disruptions.

For further assistance or queries regarding balance sharing, Telenor’s comprehensive customer care portal offers guidance on account management, package subscriptions, and more. Visit Telenor’s official website and navigate to the FAQ section for detailed support on various topics, including balance sharing, package migration, and internet settings.


Throughout the discourse on balance sharing with Telenor, we’ve highlighted the ease and accessibility of the Smart Share feature, providing a comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly facilitate the transfer of credit among Telenor’s prepaid subscribers. By adhering to the step-by-step instructions, and eligibility criteria, and understanding the limits and costs associated with the service, users are equipped to support their connectivity needs and those of their loved ones or team members efficiently. This capability underscores the value of staying connected, ensuring that communication barriers are minimized within the Telenor community.


Q: What are the steps to share my Telenor balance with another number? A: To share your Telenor balance, type the code *1*1* followed by the recipient’s full phone number, an asterisk, the amount you wish to transfer, and then a hash sign (#) on your mobile phone and press send. For example, to transfer Rs. 100 to the number 03451234567, you would dial: *1*1*923451234567*100# and then press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

Q: How can I transfer a balance from my Telenor number to another Telenor number? A: To transfer the balance to another Telenor number, dial *828* followed by the recipient’s number and the amount you want to transfer, then a hash sign (#). For instance, if you want to transfer Rs. 10 to the number 0333xxxxxxx, you would dial: *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#. After dialing, you will be prompted to reply with 1 to confirm the transfer.

Q: How do I check my current Telenor balance? A: You can check your current Telenor balance by dialing *444# from your Telenor mobile SIM. The current balance in your SIM account will be displayed on your screen.

Q: What is the procedure for recharging my Telenor mobile with an easy load? A: To recharge your Telenor mobile, dial 555 followed by the 14-digit PIN from your Telenor card and then a hash sign (#). The 14-digit pin is the number that is revealed when you scratch off the protective layer on your Telenor card. This is the standard method for recharging Telenor’s balance as of 2024.

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