Ufone Daily Internet Packages (1 Day)

Ufone Daily Internet Packages:

Ufone Daily Internet Packages:

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is a necessity, and Ufone’s day-by-day net packages provide you with a lot of options, from ‘Special Daily’ to ‘Daily Mega’ programs, designed to keep you online. Whether you are browsing Facebook, streaming videos on Messenger or Instagram, or exploring the Marketplace on Threads, Ufone ensures you’re covered with its seamless services across Pakistan.

Ufone does not just prevent day-by-day applications; it extends its services to weekly and monthly bundles, catering to a wide range of needs. By choosing the proper Ufone net bundle, you’re confident of the uninterrupted right of entry and the ability to live connected with the world, be it for social media, work, or leisure, in towns like Islamabad and beyond.

Ufone Streaming Offer (1 hour)

For those trying to live entertained on the go, the Ufone Streaming Offer is an ideal choice. Here’s what you need to recognize approximately this exciting bundle:

Package Name Data Volume Validity Price Subscription Code
Daily Light 250 MB + 1 GB for Social Networks 1 Day Rs. 9 + tax *2256#
Daily Max 500 MB + 1 GB for Social Networks 1 Day Rs. 12 + tax *2256#
Mega Internet 1.5 GB 12 AM – 12 PM Rs. 25 + tax *550#
Unlimited Whatsapp Offer 500 MB for WhatsApp 1 Day Rs. 5 *987#
Daily Free Fire Offer 750 MB (250 MB Data + 500 MB for Free Fire) 1 Day Rs. 12 *8080#
Daily PUBGM Offer 750 MB (250 MB Data + 500 MB for PUBG) 1 Day Rs. 12 *8080#
Daily Shoq Pack 1 GB + Free SHOQ subscription 1 Day Rs. 30 *6464#
Unlimited Instagram & Threads Offer 500 MB for Instagram & Threads 1 Day Rs. 5 *9898#
Best Morning Offer 2 GB 9 AM – 12 PM Rs. 8 incl. tax *4200#
Daily Off Peak Plus 1.5 GB 6 AM – 6 PM Rs. 20 incl. tax *10#
Snapchat offer 100 MB for Snapchat 1 Day Free of Cost *7627#
  • Offer Details:
    • Data Allowance: 500 MB exclusively for YouTube and Dailymotion video streaming.
    • Validity: 1 hour from the time of subscription.
    • Price: PKR 12, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Subscription Process:
    1. To Subscribe: Dial *78# from your Ufone Prepaid sim.
    2. To Check the Remaining Data: Dial *706# anytime.
    3. Re-Subscription: Once your package expires or the data is fully utilized, you can easily subscribe again.
  • Important Notes:
    • This offer is designed for Ufone’s Prepaid customers seeking short-term entertainment.
    • After the allocated 500 MB is consumed, standard default tariff rates will apply.
    • The Internet speed can vary depending on several factors, including location, device, and network traffic.
    • A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 500 MB applies, ensuring fair access to services for all users.
    • Multiple subscriptions to this bundle are allowed, catering to users who require more than one hour of streaming.

This package is specifically tailored for those moments when you need a quick entertainment fix, whether waiting for a friend or taking a short break.

Ufone Special Daily Offer (1 hour)

For those of you seeking a balance between staying connected on popular social platforms and keeping an eye on your data usage, the Ufone Special Daily Offer is tailored just for you. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Data and Connectivity:
    • Get 500MBs exclusively for Facebook, Line, and WhatsApp, plus an additional 50MBs for other uses.
    • All of this comes at a cost-effective price of Rs. 6, valid from 1 am to 9 pm.
  • Voice Calls:
    • Enjoy Unlimited Ufone to Ufone and PTCL minutes for just Rs 3 + Tax.
  • Subscription Details:
    • Activation: Dial *3461# to activate.
    • Selected Areas: Available in specific areas only.
    • Auto-Renewal: Ensures you’re always connected by auto-renewing at 00:00 Hrs, requiring a minimum balance of Rs 3+Tax.
    • In Case of Insufficient Balance: You’ll need to manually subscribe again.

This offer stands out for its affordability and the substantial amount of social media data it provides, making it an excellent choice for prepaid customers within the selected areas.

Ufone Daily Light Package

For those of you who are always on the lookout for a deal that balances both your social media needs and general internet usage without breaking the bank, the Ufone Daily Light Package is designed with you in mind. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Package Details:
    • Price: Rs. 16.52 (Incl. tax)
    • Data Allowance: 40 MB + 1GB for social networks
    • Validity: 1 day
    • Subscription Code: Dial *2256# or use the Ufone app
  • Social Media Freebies:
    • Platforms Included: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line
    • Fair Usage Policy (FUP): 500 MBs per day
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Internet Speed: Maximum available speed to all bucket subscribers
    • Data Bonus: On usage of 25 MBs, receive 150 MBs free till midnight
    • Default Tariff: After consumption of offer volume, internet remains active at Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB

This package is an excellent choice for those who want to stay connected on their favorite social platforms while having enough data for light browsing throughout the day.

Ufone Daily Social Package

Ufone caters to the diverse needs of its users with tailored internet packages for social media enthusiasts. Offering a variety of options, Ufone ensures you stay connected with your favorite platforms without worrying about data consumption.

  • Daily Social Package: Enjoy 100MB of data for just Rs. 5, valid for 24 hours. Perfect for light users who want to keep up with social updates.
  • Unlimited Offers:
    • Instagram & Threads: Get 500MB for Rs. 5, allowing you to explore and share for a full day.
    • WhatsApp: Also offering 500MB for Rs. 5, ensuring you stay in touch with texts, calls, and media sharing.
    • SnapChat: Unique among offerings, this package provides 100MBs for free, catering to users who love sharing moments.

For those who need more than just social media, the “Daily Heavy” package includes 500 MBs for major social networks plus 75MB for general use at Rs. 18. To activate, dial *2258# or use the Ufone app. Additionally, the Daily Chat package enriches your communication with 500MB of WhatsApp data and 10,000 SMS for just Rs. 6, ensuring you’re never out of touch.

Ufone Daily Gaming Packages

For gamers seeking an uninterrupted gaming experience on their mobile devices, Ufone introduces tailored daily internet packages specifically designed for popular games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. These packages ensure you stay in the game without worrying about data consumption.

  • Daily Free Fire Offer & Daily PUBGM Offer:
    • Data: 750 MB (250MB General Data + 500MB for Game)
    • Price: Rs. 12 (Load)
    • Validity: 24 hours
    • Subscription: For Free Fire, dial *2256#; for PUBGM, dial *2258#
  • Daily Shoq Pack:
    • Data: 1 GB for SHOQ subscription
    • Price: Rs. 30 (Load)
    • Validity: 24 hours
    • Subscription: Dial *2259#

For those who prefer gaming in the early hours, Ufone’s special package offers 2 GB of data from 1 am to 8 am for just Rs. 15, making it perfect for downloading game updates or enjoying uninterrupted playtime. Subscribe by dialing *550#. This variety of packages caters to different gaming needs, ensuring there’s something for every type of gamer.

How to subscribe to Ufone daily internet packages

Subscribing to Ufone daily internet packages is straightforward, ensuring you stay connected with ease. Here’s how you can activate your preferred package:

Activation Methods:

  • My Ufone App: Download from the app store and navigate to the ‘Internet Packages’ section.
  • Website: Visit Ufone’s official website, go to the ‘Mobile Internet’ tab, and select your desired package.
  • SMS Short Codes: Send the specific package code to the provided number.
  • IVR: Dial the Interactive Voice Response system number and follow the instructions.

Key Packages and Subscription Codes:

  • Daily Shoq Pack:
    • Dial: *450*1#
    • Resources: 1 GB + Free SHOQ subscription
    • Validity: 24 hours
    • Charges: Rs. 30
  • Daily Heavy:
    • Dial: *2258# or use the app/website
    • Resources: 500 MB for social + 75 MB
    • Validity: 24 hours
    • Charges: Rs. 18
  • Night Data Bundle:
    • Dial: *550# or use the app
    • Resources: 2 GB (1 AM to 8 AM)
    • Validity: 1 day
    • Charges: Rs. 15
  • Daily Pakistan:
    • Dial: *888#
    • Resources: 100 Ufone & PTCL minutes + 10 MB
    • Validity: 1 day
    • Charges: Rs. 18 (incl. tax)

Checking Remaining Resources:

To monitor your data usage and remaining resources, dial the specific USSD code associated with your subscribed package. This ensures you manage your data effectively throughout its validity.

Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions associated with Ufone’s daily internet packages is crucial for maximizing the benefits while avoiding any surprises. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Package Validity and Charges:
    • Daily packages like the Daily Shoq Pack and Mega Internet package have specific validity periods, usually 24 hours, with prices inclusive of taxes.
    • Special offers like the Best Morning Offer provide 2GB of data for a limited time window at a minimal cost.
  • Data Usage and Speed:
    • Subscribers will experience the maximum available internet speed, which may vary based on factors such as location and network traffic.
    • WhatsApp calls deduct data from your subscribed package, ensuring consistent data usage tracking.
  • Subscription Details:
    • All daily internet packages are available to prepaid customers only.
    • To check the remaining data, dial *706#; this helps in managing your data effectively.
    • Upon data expiry, internet usage is charged at the default rate, encouraging timely re-subscription or package adjustment based on needs.

Remember, familiarizing yourself with these terms can help in choosing the right package tailored to your daily internet needs, ensuring a seamless online experience with Ufone.


Through this exploration of Ufone’s daily internet packages, from streaming and social media bundles to gaming and general browsing offers, it becomes evident how Ufone caters to the diverse needs of its user base across Pakistan. With options that range from the highly affordable Ufone Special Daily Offer to the comprehensive Daily Heavy package, and niche gaming packages for enthusiasts, Ufone demonstrates its commitment to providing seamless, flexible access to the internet, thus ensuring that every user finds a package that precisely matches their day-to-day online activities.


What does Ufone’s daily internet package include? Ufone offers various daily internet packages to suit different needs. To find out the specific details of their daily offers, visit the Ufone website or contact their customer service.

Can you tell me about Ufone’s 10GB internet package? Ufone provides a 10GB internet package, but for detailed information such as pricing and validity, please refer to Ufone’s official channels or customer support.

How do I subscribe to Ufone’s 150 rupee package? To subscribe to Ufone’s 150 rupee package, you will need to follow the specific code provided by Ufone for that package. This information can be found on Ufone’s website or by inquiring with their customer service.

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