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Ufone Super Internet Packages:

Ufone, a leading Pakistani telecommunication company, is renowned for offering an array of affordable internet packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers, including the sought-after Ufone Super Internet Packages. With a suite of everyday, weekly, and monthly options, those applications make sure uninterrupted internet gets admission, catering to each pre-paid and publish-paid user.

Highlighted by using the convenience of activating applications through an easy *3# dial from your device, Ufone’s Internet Tariff plans stand out for his or her flexibility and affordability. Moreover, the enterprise elevates the user experience by imparting free Facebook utilization, making it easier so that you can stay related without approximately additional fees.

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How to Activate Ufone Super Internet Packages

Activating Ufone Super Internet Packages is straightforward and caters to a variety of needs, from daily usage to monthly plans. Here’s how you can activate them:

  1. For Daily Users:
    • Special Daily: Dial *3461# for 500MBs (Facebook, Line, Whatsapp) and 50 MBs of other data at Rs. 6, valid from 1 am to 9 pm. Check balance with *706#.
    • Daily Light Bundle: Get 500 (Facebook, Twitter, Line) and 40 MB for Rs. 12. Subscribe via *2256#.
    • Daily Heavy: Offers 500 for social apps and 75 MB general data for Rs. 18. Subscription code: *2258#.
  2. Night Owls:
    • Enjoy 2 GB of data between 1 am to 8 am for just Rs. 15. Activate it by dialing *550# and monitor usage with *706#.
  3. Weekly and Monthly Plans:
    • Weekly Super Internet: For Rs. 120, get 100 Ufone minutes, 1000 MB internet, and 100 SMS for 7 days. Dial *5050# to subscribe.
    • Monthly Max: 2 GB for social apps plus 10 GB for other internet activities at Rs. 1560. Activate using *5100#.

These codes make it easy to select a package that fits your internet needs, ensuring you stay connected without hassle.

Ufone Super Internet Packages Overview

Ufone’s Super Internet Packages cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Daily Offers:
    • Daily Shoq Pack: For those who need a quick internet fix, this offers 1 GB along with a free SHOQ subscription for Rs. 30, valid for 24 hours.
    • Unlimited Instagram & Threads Offer: Ideal for social media enthusiasts, providing 500 MB for just Rs. 5, also valid for 24 hours.
    • Best Morning Offer: Early birds can enjoy 2GB from 9 AM to 12 PM for Rs. 8, making mornings more productive.
  • Weekly Highlights:
    • Weekly Shoq Pack: Offers 3.5 GB and a free SHOQ subscription for Rs. 200, spanning 7 days.
    • Weekly Digital Offer: A hefty 60 GB internet, 7000 Ufone & PTCL mins, 600 off-net mins, and 7000 SMS for Rs. 430, valid for 7 days.
    • Sab Se Bari Plus Offer: With 40 GB internet, 5000 Ufone & PTCL mins, 250 off-net mins, and 5000 SMS for Rs. 399, this is a comprehensive package for heavy users.
  • Monthly Must-Haves:
    • Super Internet Plus: For long-term users, enjoy 18GB of internet for the whole month at a Rs. 599 load, ensuring you’re always connected.
    • Monthly Heavy Internet: Offers a massive 30GB (including 15GB from 1 am to 9 am) for Rs. 800, perfect for night owls and heavy downloaders.
    • Social Plus Offer: Social media lovers can relish 15 GB on social networks, along with Ufone & PTCL mins and SMS for Rs. 380, valid for 30 days.

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Monitoring Data Usage

Monitoring your data usage with Ufone’s Super Internet Packages is simple and ensures you never unexpectedly run out of data. Here are the key methods:

  • Quick USSD Codes:
    1. Dial *706# to check your remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS.
    2. For 2G/3G handset users, *3# allows you to check remaining MBs and select a mobile internet bucket.
  • My Ufone App:
    • Download the My Ufone App for a comprehensive overview of your remaining resources, including mobile internet bucket details and validity. The app also allows you to subscribe to bundles, view usage history, and check balance and expiry.
    • Navigate to the ‘Current Bundles’ tab under the ‘Usage’ section in the My Ufone App to see the remaining resources of all subscribed data bundles.
  • Additional Information:
    • After consuming your data bucket volume, internet usage will be charged at the default tariff of Rs.2.50 per MB with a charging pulse of 512 Kbs. Plus, once 50 MBs are used, you’ll receive 150 MBs free till midnight, with the volume accumulator resetting at 00:00 hrs every day.

Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of Ufone’s Super Internet Packages is crucial for a seamless Internet experience. Here’s a breakdown to guide you:

  • Eligibility and Validity:
    • Offer valid for prepaid customers nationwide.
    • 9GB off-peak data available from 1 am to 9 am.
    • The package is a monthly product, valid for 30 days from subscription.
    • Subscribers can enjoy 18 GB of total data usage.
  • Subscription Details:
    • The load amount required for the offer is PKR 529.
    • Super Internet Plus is non-recursive, but multiple subscriptions are allowed.
    • Note: Resource accumulation is not permitted.
  • After Consumption Charges:
    • Post consumption of offer volume, internet will be charged at Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB with a 512 Kbs pulse.
  • SIM Activation and Usage:
    • Valid documentation is required for SIM purchase and activation.
    • Misuse of services or violation of terms may lead to disconnection.
    • Operators can vary charges and disconnect service based on certain conditions.

This overview ensures you’re well informed about the specifics of activating and maintaining your Ufone internet package.


Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the various facets of Ufone’s Super Internet Packages, detailing the plethora of options available for daily, weekly, and monthly internet needs. The flexibility and ease of activation of these packages underscore Ufone’s commitment to providing tailored solutions to its users, ensuring connectivity at all times. From nightly offerings to substantial monthly plans, Ufone caters to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from light browses to data-heavy consumers, all underscored by the conveniences of affordability and ease of monitoring usage.


Q: How do I verify the status of my Ufone Super Internet Package? A: You can check your remaining minutes, SMS, and Internet MBs by dialing *706#. Alternatively, you can use the My Ufone App to view your remaining resources along with their validity details.

Q: Can you tell me about Ufone’s 10GB internet package?

Q: What is the subscription code for the Super Internet Plus monthly package? A: Super Internet Plus is a monthly offering that remains valid for 30 days from the date of subscription. You can subscribe to this package by dialing *290#, which gives you access to 18 GB (18,432 MBs) of data for use across the nation.

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