Zong’s Whatsapp Packages Monthly Unlimited Mahana

Zong's Whatsapp Packages Monthly Unlimitied Mahana

Zong’s Whatsapp Packages:

Looking for a convenient way to stay connected with your friends and family on WhatsApp? Look no further than Zong’s Whatsapp Packages Monthly! With these amazing packages, you can chat, call, and share media to your heart’s content, all without worrying about running out of data or exceeding your monthly limit. At just Rs. 140, this package gives you 5GB of data specifically for WhatsApp, ensuring you stay connected without worrying about data caps. Designed to meet the demands of digital communication, this package is not only auto-recursive but also accessible to all Zong subscribers, be it Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB, or Internet SIM users.

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Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Package

Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Package is designed to keep you connected with ease and affordability. Here’s what you need to know:

Feature Detail
Price Rs. 59 + Tax (Basic Package)
Data Allowance 5 GB Dedicated to WhatsApp
Validity 30 Days
Activation Dial *247# or My Zong App
Package Inclusions
Voice & Video Calls Unlimited
Video Sharing & Downloading Included
Picture Sharing Included
Text & Voice Messages Included
Additional Information
Available to All Zong Subscribers (Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB, Internet SIM)
Auto-Renewal Yes
Data Check Dial *102# (10 Paisa + Tax per Inquiry)


  • Subscription Details:
    • Price: Rs. 59 + Tax for the basic package, offering exceptional value for money.
    • Data Allowance: 5GB dedicated for WhatsApp use, ensuring you have ample data for all your messaging needs.
    • Validity: Each subscription lasts for 30 days, providing a full month of connectivity without interruption.
    • Activation: Simply dial *247# or use the My Zong App to subscribe to the package.
  • Package Inclusions:
    • Enjoy unlimited voice and video calls on WhatsApp, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family without worrying about call charges.
    • Video sharing and downloading, picture sharing, and text & voice messages are all included, making it a comprehensive package for all your WhatsApp needs.
  • Additional Information:
    • This offer is available to all Zong subscribers, including Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB, and Internet SIM users, ensuring wide accessibility.
    • The package is auto-recursive, meaning it will automatically renew after 30 days, providing continuous service without any hassle.
    • To check the remaining data, dial *102#; charges of 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry apply.

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Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus

Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus package stands out as a comprehensive communication solution, catering to a wide array of digital communication needs. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with this package:

Data and Communication Allowances
Internet 7 GB (Dedicated for WhatsApp & IMO)
Voice Calls * Zong Minutes: 200 Minutes
* Off-Net Minutes: 30 Minutes
Subscription Details
Price PKR 290.00
Validity 1 Month
Activation Dial *4000#
Data Check Dial *102# (10 Paisa + Tax per Inquiry)


  • Data and Communication Allowances:
    • Internet: 7GB of data specifically allocated for WhatsApp and IMO, ensuring ample space for messaging, voice and video calls, as well as media sharing.
    • Voice and SMS: The package also includes 200 Zong minutes for on-net calls, 30 minutes for off-net calls, and 200 SMS, covering all bases for comprehensive communication needs.
  • Subscription Details:
    • Price: The package is priced at PKR 290.00, offering value for a wide range of services over a month-long validity period.
    • Activation: Easy subscription is available by dialing *4000#, making it hassle-free to get started.
    • Data Usage Check: To monitor your data usage and keep track of remaining allowances, simply dial *102#; a nominal fee of 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry applies.

This package is part of Zong’s initiative to “Let’s Get Digital with Zong 4G”, aiming to provide users with an enriched digital communication experience. With its comprehensive features and straightforward subscription process, Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus package is tailored to meet the evolving communication needs of its users.

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Zong’s WhatsApp and SMS Package Monthly

For those looking to stay connected without the need for extensive data, Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp and SMS Package offers a balanced blend of messaging and data services. Here’s a concise breakdown:

Subscription Details
Price Rs. 50 (incl. tax)
Data Allowance
Per Day 30 MB (Dedicated for WhatsApp)
SMS Allowance
Per Day 500 SMS
Validity 30 Days
Activation and Management
Subscribe Dial *705# or SMS SUB to 700
Unsubscribe Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700 (Free Service)
Data Check Dial *102# (Rs. 0.10 + Tax per Inquiry)
Additional Information
Applicable Taxes * AIT (Advance Income Tax): 15%
* FED (Federal Excise Duty): 19.5%
* GST (Sales Tax): 19.5%


  • Subscription Details:
    • Price: Rs. 50 (incl. tax) for a straightforward approach to daily communication needs.
    • Data Allowance: Offers 30MB per day specifically for WhatsApp, ensuring you can message, share, and download without hassle.
    • SMS Allowance: Generously includes 500 SMS per day, perfect for quick texts or when data connectivity is limited.
    • Validity: Each subscription lasts for 30 days, providing a full month of connectivity.
  • Activation and Management:
    • To Subscribe: Dial *705# or SMS to 700, making activation straightforward and hassle-free.
    • To Unsubscribe: Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700. This service is free of charge, allowing you to manage your subscription easily.
    • Data Usage Check: Keep track of your data usage by dialing *102#. Please note, that a nominal fee of PKR 0.10 + tax per inquiry applies.
  • Additional Information:
    • Applicable Taxes: Be aware of the Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15%, alongside Federal Excise Duty (FED) and Sales Tax (GST) both at 19.5%.

This package is designed for users who prefer a mix of traditional texting and WhatsApp messaging, offering a cost-effective solution for daily communication needs.

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Zong’s Daily WhatsApp Package

For those who require a quick, daily dose of connectivity, Zong offers a variety of daily packages tailored to different needs:

Name Price (PKR) Internet WhatsApp Data SMS Validity Subscription
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 10.00 1 MB 30 MB 500 1 Day Direct Recharge/Zong Load
Zong Daily Social Offer 23 1.5 GB 1 Day Dial *386#
Zong WhatsApp Only Daily 3G/4G Package 15 150 MB 1 Day Dial *4#


  • Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle:
    • Price: PKR 10.00
    • Internet: 1 MB for general use
    • WhatsApp Data: 30MB, perfect for messaging and media sharing
    • SMS: 500, allowing for extensive texting
    • Validity: 1 day, ideal for short-term needs
    • Subscription: Direct recharge or Zong Load options with varying validity periods based on the amount.
  • Zong Daily Social Offer:
    • Price: PKR 23
    • Internet: Generous 1.5 GB, catering to heavy social media users
    • Validity: 1 day, offering ample time for daily digital activities
    • Subscription: Easy to subscribe by dialing *386#.
  • Zong WhatsApp Only Daily 3G/4G Package:
    • Price: PKR 15
    • Internet: 150 MB, specifically allocated for WhatsApp usage
    • Validity: 1 day, ensuring users stay connected throughout the day
    • Subscription: Simple activation via dialing *4#.

Each of these packages comes with its very own set of benefits, designed to fulfill the varied desires of Zong’s various user base. Whether it’s for texting, social media surfing, or devoted WhatsApp usage, Zong’s each-day packages make sure you are usually connected.

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Throughout this newsletter, we have thoroughly explored Zong’s modern suite of WhatsApp and SMS programs, providing answers tailor-made to a variety of conversation needs. From every day to month-to-month subscriptions, Zong has confirmed a sturdy dedication to keeping its users connected through price-effective, complete packages. These offerings make certain that whether or not you are a heavy records person or a person who prefers the simplicity of SMS, there may be a Zong package that’s simply proper for you.


Q: How can I join Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus Package?
A: To join Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus Package, without a doubt dial *247#. Once subscribed, you can revel in WhatsApp’s full features, which include video and voice calls, in addition to video sharing and downloading, on Pakistan’s biggest 4G community.

Q: How a lot does the Zong Monthly WhatsApp and SMS Package price?
A: The Zong Monthly WhatsApp and SMS Package is priced at Rs. Seventy-five. This package deal consists of 500 SMS and 30 MB of WhatsApp data daily for a whole month.

Q: How do I set off Zong’s month-to-month packages?
A: To set off Zong’s monthly packages, you may want to apply precise subscription codes. For the Monthly WhatsApp Plus Package, the code is *247#. For different month-to-month programs, please consult with Zong’s reliable internet site or contact their customer support for the proper codes.

Q: Is WhatsApp unfastened on Zong?
A: Zong offers a Free WhatsApp Package with SMS every month. To enroll in this bundle, send ‘sub’ to seven hundred, and to unsubscribe, send ‘unsub’ to the same variety. You can check your last MBs for the bundle by dialing *102#.

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