Zong YouTube Packages 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, and 30 Days

Zong YouTube Packages 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, and 30 Days

Zong YouTube Packages:

Experience unlimited streaming and browsing with Zong YouTube Packages! Stay connected with your favorite YouTube content creators and never miss a video again. Whether you are a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, Zong has the perfect package to fulfill all your YouTube needs. Exploring the only Zong net package deal for your YouTube adventures has in no way been easier, whether you are after an everyday, weekly, or monthly facts plan. Zong’s diverse variety of net applications, designed to cater to your varying wishes, ensures that streaming your favorite content is seamless and uninterrupted.

This article delves into the specifics of Zong’s net offerings, from the benefit of a 1-day package deal to the fee of a 30-day plan. Navigate through the selections to find the appropriate Zong statistics bundle that keeps you connected and entertained.

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Validity Package Name Price (PKR) Data Allowance YouTube Data Other Details Activation Code
1 Day Zong Daily Social Offer 23 1.5 GB Included (1.5 GB) Social Media & WhatsApp *386#
1 Day Zong 1-Hour YouTube Package 2.00 + Tax 1 GB 1 GB *6464# (Upto 2 Times Daily)
1 Day Daily Data Max 49 1 GB Split (0.5 GB YouTube, 0.5 GB General) *6464#
1 Day Daily Basic Offer 17 + Tax 100 MB General Data *6464#
1 Day Zong Daily Data Max Offer 38 + Tax 500 MB Split (250 MB YouTube, 250 MB General) *5#
3 Days Zong 3 Day Bundle / Zong 3 Days Internet Package 100.00 / 50 (incl. tax) 1 GB 1000 Zong Mins, 10 Off-Net Mins *3433#
3 Days Zong 3 Days Unlimited YouTube Package 2 + Tax Unlimited *1987#
7 Days Weekly YouTube Offer 169 8 GB (Shared with TikTok) *570#
7 Days Super Weekly Max 299 30 GB (15+15) 15 GB General Data Included *570#
30 Days Zong YouTube 25GB Package 800.00 + Tax 25 GB *567#, My Zong App, Zong Online Shop
30 Days Zong Monthly Super Offer 1299.00 26 GB (20+6+4) 6 GB WhatsApp: 4GB 5000 On-Net Mins, 450 Off-Net Mins, 5000 SMS


Zong YouTube Packages for 1 Day

For those eager to dive into YouTube without committing to long-term data plans, Zong offers a variety of 1-day internet packages tailored to your needs. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Zong Daily Social Offer: At PKR 23, this package grants you 1.5 GB for YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO, valid for 24 hours. Activation is simple—just dial *386#.
  • Zong 1-Hour YouTube Package: Perfect for short bursts of streaming, this offers 1GB of YouTube data at just PKR 2.00 + Tax for an hour. Note: You can subscribe twice a day. Dial *6464# to activate.
  • Daily Data Max & Basic Offers:
    • Daily Data Max: Offers 1GB split between YouTube and general data for PKR 49. Dial *6464# for activation.
    • Daily Basic Offer: Provides 100 MBs for a day at PKR 17 plus tax, activated via *6464#.
    • Zong Daily Data Max Offer: Another variant with 500 MBs each for all usage and YouTube at PKR 38 plus tax, dial *5# for activation.

These packages ensure you stay connected to your favorite YouTube content, whether you’re in for a quick watch or a day-long binge, without breaking the bank.

Zong YouTube Packages for 3 Days

For those looking for a short-term yet comprehensive internet solution, Zong’s 3-day packages offer a blend of data, voice, and even unlimited YouTube streaming, ensuring you stay connected and entertained. Here’s a closer look:

  • Zong 3 Day Bundle
    • Consumer Price: PKR 100.00
    • Internet: 1GB
    • Zong Mins: 1000
    • Off-net Mins: 10
    • Validity: 3 days
    • Subscription Code: *3433#
  • Zong 3 Days Internet Package
    • Offers 1GB of internet data and 1000 Zong minutes for three days for Rs. 50 (incl. tax).
    • Subscription Code: *3433#
  • Zong 3 Days Unlimited YouTube Package
    • Cost: Rs. 2 + Tax
    • Subscription Code: *1987#
    • Note: An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies on every recharge, with Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 19.5% and Sales tax (GED) of 19.5% on usage, where applicable.

Introduced in 2021, the Zong 3 Day Internet Package 2021 caters to users with its versatile 4G data bundles, incorporating voice and SMS features for a rounded communication experience.

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Zong YouTube Packages for 7 Days

For those seeking a more extended YouTube and social media experience, Zong’s weekly internet packages offer a perfect blend of data volume and price, ensuring you stay connected with your favorite content on YouTube, TikTok, and Tapmad TV services. Here’s a detailed look at the available options:

  • Weekly YouTube Offer:
    • Volume: 8GB for YouTube & TikTok
    • Price: Rs. 169
    • Duration: 7 Days
    • Activation: Dial *570#
  • Super Weekly Max:
    • Total Data: 30GB (15GB for YouTube, 15GB for All Internet Data)
    • Price: Rs. 299
    • Duration: 7 Days
    • Activation: Dial *570#

Key highlights include the non-auto-recursive nature of these packages, making them a one-time opt-in solution without the worry of automatic renewals. These packages are designed to cater specifically to prepaid GSM customers across the nation, ensuring wide availability. However, it’s important to note additional charges and taxes apply, including an advance income tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% on every recharge and a sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage.

Zong YouTube Packages for 30 Days

For those who are in for the long haul, maximizing your YouTube experience over an entire month, Zong offers comprehensive 30-day packages tailored to keep you streaming without interruptions. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Zong YouTube 25GB Package
    • Price: PKR 800.00 + Tax
    • Data: 25GB exclusively for YouTube
    • Validity: 30 days
    • How to Activate: Options include dialing *567#, using the My Zong APP, or visiting the Zong Online Shop.
    • Key Points: This package is available for z500, z900, z1500, and z3000 Postpaid Packages, with no pro-rata on Add-Ons/Bundles and the option to subscribe to multiple bundles within a billing cycle.
  • Zong Monthly Super Offer
    • Consumer Price: PKR 1299.00
    • Data Breakdown: 20GB for internet usage, 6GB reserved for YouTube, and 4GB for WhatsApp.
    • Extras: 5000 On-net Minutes, 450 Off-net Minutes, and 5000 SMS.
    • Validity: 30 days
    • Activation: Simply dial *4567#

Both packages make sure a seamless and enriched YouTube revels in, catering to specific user needs and choices. Whether you are a casual viewer or a content material author, Zong’s 30-day packages provide the ability and facts quantity required to keep you linked and entertained.

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Throughout our exploration of Zong’s numerous internet packages, tailor-made for YouTube aficionados of all stripes, we’ve navigated through the trivialities of every day to month-to-month plans, highlighting how each choice serves to decorate your digital enjoyment. From the reasonably-priced everyday options perfect for quick YouTube fixes to the giant month-to-month plans for uninterrupted streaming, Zong guarantees that your connectivity wishes are met with flexibility and efficiency, accommodating both sporadic viewers and devoted subscribers alike.


Q: What is the finest Zong net bundle for a single day?

A: Zong offers quite a few one-day net applications tailored to exclusive user needs. You can select from numerous plans that provide a combination of information, call minutes, and different blessings for twenty-four hours.

Q: How can I activate the Zong package for a 3-day length?

A: To set off the 3-day package, recharge your account with at least PKR 50 and dial *22#. This will give you 2GB of records, 50 minutes for calls to other networks, and 1000 minutes for Zong to Zong calls, valid for three days.

Q: Could you inform me approximately Zong’s 1.5 GB daily package?

A: Zong’s 1.5 GBeverydayy package deal allows you to revel in 1.5 GB of facts at a load price of Rs. 25, which is usable from 4 am to 7 pm. It’s part of Zong’s dedication to providing extremely good net plans for Pakistan’s leading statistics community.

Q: Does Zong’s social facts consist of getting entry to YouTube?

A: Yes, Zong’s social records applications consist of GBs that can be used for Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Customers can pick those packages with different validities consisting of 3, 7, or 30 days, including all-reason facts GBs, Zong to Zong mins, minutes for different networks, and SMS.

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