Zong Daily Call Packages 24 Hours (2024)

Zong Daily Call Packages 24 Hours (2024)

Zong Daily Call Packages, are the perfect solution for those who need to stay connected with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues daily. With these exceptional packages, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication without worrying about exceeding your budget. Stay connected all day long with Zong’s Daily Call Packages, designed to cater to your diverse needs and preferences. Zong is revolutionizing the manner you join via offering a less expensive daily voice provider for PKR five, consisting of all taxes, which includes 20 minutes of Zong-to-Zong calls. Leveraging the present-day generation, Zong is at the forefront, trying out 5G services, and putting the stage for launching 5G in Pakistan to ensure you live ahead inside the connectivity sport.

Package Name Minutes Price (PKR) SMS Internet (MB) Activation Code
Zong Daily Voice Offer 20 Zong 5 *45#
Zong Student Bundle Offer 120 Zong 5 *3000#
Zong Full Gup Package 75 Zong 11 (Inclusive of Tax) 100 30 1181#
Zong Sixer Plus Package Unlimited Zong 14 (Inclusive of Tax) 500 *666#
Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer Unlimited Zong 14 (Inclusive of Tax) 30 *5555#
Zong Non-Stop Package Unlimited Zong 12 (Inclusive of Tax) *777#
Zong Flutter Package 120 Zong 9.50 (Inclusive of Tax) 120 50 *369#
Zong Perfect Package 10,000 Zong 299 (Inclusive of Tax) 500 40 1182#
Zong Hello Package 150 Zong 15 (Inclusive of Tax) 150 50 22001#
Zong Shandaar Daily Package Unlimited Zong 19.99 (Inclusive of Tax) 800 50 *999#


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How to Subscribe to Zong Daily Call Packages

Subscribing to Zong’s Daily Call Packages is straightforward, ensuring you’re always connected without hassle. Here’s how you can activate your preferred package:

  1. Zong Daily Voice Offer:
    • Minutes: 20 free on-net minutes
    • Price: Rs. 5
    • Subscription Code: *45#
  2. Zong Student Bundle Offer:
    • Minutes: 120 free on-net minutes
    • Price: Rs. 5
    • Subscription Code: *3000#
  3. More Options for Enhanced Connectivity:
    • Zong Full Gup Package: 75 on-net minutes, 100 SMS, 30 MB internet; 1181#
    • Zong Sixer Plus Package: Unlimited on-net minutes, 500 SMS; *666#
    • Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer: Unlimited on-net minutes, 30 MB internet; *5555#
    • Zong Non-Stop Package: Unlimited on-net minutes; *777#
    • Zong Flutter Package: 120 on-net minutes, 120 SMS, 50 MB internet; *369#
    • Zong Perfect Package: 10,000 on-net minutes, 500 SMS, 40 MB internet; 1182#
    • Zong Hello Package: 150 on-net minutes, 150 SMS, 50 MB internet; 22001#
    • Zong Shandaar Daily Package: Unlimited on-net minutes, 800 SMS, 50 MB internet; *999#

For the most current offerings, including Zong Internet Packages 2022, visit their official website or contact customer support through social media channels.

Features of Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong’s each-day call applications cater to a big selection of wishes, ensuring there’s something for every person, whether you’re a student wanting to live linked with pals or someone who calls for unlimited calls to manage their day. Here’s a breakdown of the features that set Zong’s each day call applications aside:

  • Diverse Options: From the Zong Student Bundle Offer to the Non-Stop Package, Zong offers plenty of packages which include the Super Student Package, Full Gup Package, and Shandaar Daily Package. Each is designed with special person needs in mind, providing a mix of on-net minutes, SMS, and net facts.
  • Affordability: With expenses starting from Rs. 5 to Rs. 14, excluding tax, those programs are price range-pleasant. The Zong Student Bundle Offer, for example, affords 120 on-internet minutes for just Rs. Five, making it an awesome preference for college students.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: The packages provide flexibility with numerous validity intervals and activation codes, ensuring you pick out a bundle that suits your timetable. For example, the Zong Super Student Package gives 10,000 on-internet mins and 30 MB of net statistics for 2 hours after activation, best for brief, severe bursts of verbal exchange.

By offering a combination of affordability, diversity, and convenience, Zong ensures that staying connected is easy and accessible for its users, making it a preferred choice for daily communication needs.

Maximizing Benefits from Your Zong Daily Call Package

To fully leverage the advantages of Zong daily call packages, aligning your choice with your specific communication needs is essential. Here’s how:

  • Assess Your Call Patterns: Before selecting a package, take a moment to evaluate how often and when you make calls. If your call activity peaks during specific hours, Zong offers packages like the “Zong Student Bundle Offer” or the “Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer” that could cater to short, intense periods of need.
  • Weekly Internet Needs: For those who are also looking for internet data alongside call minutes, Zong’s Super Weekly Package is a standout choice. It provides 2.5GB of internet volume for seven days at an economical price of just Rs. 120. This package is perfect for users who require a balanced mix of internet and call services without breaking the bank.

By carefully considering these aspects and choosing accordingly, you can ensure that you’re not only staying connected with your loved ones but also making the most out of your Zong daily call package in a cost-effective manner.

Comparison with Other Telecom Providers

When comparing Zong with other telecom providers in Pakistan, it’s evident that Zong has carved out a significant niche for itself, especially in terms of network quality and package diversity.

  • Network Quality and Speed:
    • Zong leads with the fastest average download (15.6Mbps) and upload speeds (4.8Mbps), surpassing competitors and providing an optimal online experience.
    • The provider excels in video streaming quality, outperforming Jazz by 4.5 points, and offers the best multiplayer mobile gaming experience.
  • Coverage and Availability:
    • Zong’s 4G coverage is extensive, with a score of six points, slightly ahead of Jazz’s 5.6 points, ensuring broader and more reliable network access.
    • It also leads in network availability, with a 96.1% score, ensuring users stay connected more consistently than those on Jazz or Ufone networks.
  • Awards and Recognition:
    • Zong has won six out of ten award categories, including crucial ones like Download Speed Experience and 4G Coverage Experience, highlighting its superior service quality.

While Ufone shines with consistent quality awards and Jazz users enjoy extensive 4G connectivity, Zong’s blend of speed, coverage, and quality makes it a formidable choice for users prioritizing comprehensive connectivity solutions.


Throughout this exploration of Zong’s daily call packages, we have highlighted the undeniable value and variety that Zong brings to its users. From the affordability and diversity of packages such as the Zong Daily Voice Offer and the Zong Student Bundle Offer to the significant leaps made in technology with its 5G testing, Zong is dedicated to enhancing connectivity for its customers. These efforts, combined with easy subscription methods and the promise of 5G, position Zong as a leader in Pakistan’s telecommunications space, ensuring users can find a package that precisely fits their communication needs.


Q: What are Zong’s one-day call package options? A: Zong offers various one-day call packages to suit different needs. For specific package details and subscriptions, please refer to Zong’s official website or contact their customer service.

Q: Can you tell me about Zong’s 1.5 GB daily internet package? A: Zong provides a daily internet package that includes 1.5GB of data, which is available at a load price of Rs. 25. This package is valid from 4 am to 7 pm and is part of Zong’s offerings on Pakistan’s leading data network.

Q: What is the most recommended Zong internet package for one day? A: Zong offers a variety of one-day internet packages tailored to different usage needs. For the most suitable package based on your requirements, please consult Zong’s latest internet package offerings.

Q: How do I subscribe to Zong’s daily internet package, and what is the code to check the remaining data? A: To subscribe to Zong’s Daily Basic Internet Package, which provides 100MB of data for 24 hours for 23 PKR+Tax, dial *6464#. To check your remaining data balance, dial *102#.

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