Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024 | All-in-One Package

Telenor social package monthly 2024

With the Telenor Social Package Monthly, you can browse and interact with your social media accounts without worrying about running out of data or incurring extra charges. In the digital age, staying connected is no longer a luxury but a necessity, making the right choice in internet packages paramount. Telenor, a leading telecommunications company, offers a variety of Telenor internet packages tailored to meet your daily digital needs, including browsing, video streaming, and accessing the My Telenor App.

Features of Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024

Navigating through the array of Telenor’s social internet packages for 2024 reveals a commitment to versatility and value, catering to various user needs. Here’s a breakdown of the offerings:


Package Name Data (Facebook & WhatsApp) SMS On-Net Minutes Off-Net Minutes Price (incl. Tax) Activation Code
Social All-in-One 12 GB N/A 250 25 Rs. 210 *572#
Social Pack Plus 6 GB 10,000 N/A N/A Rs. 85 (mentioned in separate source) *660# (mentioned in separate source)
Social Pack 2.5 GB N/A N/A N/A Rs. 60 To be confirmed
Social Extreme (variants) 4 GB – 15 GB N/A N/A N/A To be confirmed To be confirmed



Social Extreme variants offer a wider range of data options for high social media users. Specific details on data inclusions need to be confirmed from Telenor’s website or app.

The activation code for Social Pack needs to be confirmed from Telenor’s website or app.

USSD code *999# allows users to monitor their remaining data balance.

  • Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024: At the core, this package boasts 12GB dedicated to Facebook and WhatsApp usage, complemented with 250 on-net and 25 off-net minutes. Priced at Rs. 210 (incl. tax), it ensures a month-long connectivity.
  • Monthly Variants:
    • Social Pack Plus: Offers 6GB for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, alongside 10,000 SMS.
    • Social Pack: Provides an economical option with 2.5GB for WhatsApp and Facebook at Rs. 60.
    • Social Extreme Variants: Ranging from 4,000MB to a hefty 15,000 MB for avid social media users.
  • Activation and Monitoring: Activation is straightforward via *572#. Users can monitor their usage through specific USSD codes like *999# for MBs, ensuring transparency and control over consumption.

This structure not only emphasizes Telenor’s adaptability to consumer demands but also highlights the seamless integration of voice and data, making it a comprehensive choice for social media enthusiasts.

Pricing and Subscription Process

Subscribing to the Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024 is a straightforward process, designed to cater to the diverse needs of Telenor’s prepaid customers. Here’s a breakdown of the steps and options available for subscription:

Telenor Social Packages (Monthly – March 2024)

Package Name Data (Facebook & WhatsApp) SMS On-Net Minutes Off-Net Minutes Price (incl. Tax) Activation Code
Social All-in-One 12 GB N/A 250 25 Rs. 210 (Recharge Requirement: Rs. 260) *572#
Social Pack Plus 6 GB 10,000 N/A N/A Rs. 85 *660#
Social Pack 2.5 GB N/A N/A N/A Rs. 60 *911#
Social Extreme (variants) 4 GB – 15 GB N/A N/A N/A To be confirmed To be confirmed


  1. Activation Codes:
    • For the Telenor Monthly Social Pack, dial *911#.
    • To subscribe to the Monthly Social Pack Plus, use the code *660#.
    • For the Social All-in-One Package, the subscription code is *572#.
  2. Subscription Methods:
    • USSD Codes: Directly dial the USSD code from your Telenor prepaid number.
    • My Telenor App: Use the app for a more visual subscription process, allowing you to easily manage and monitor your package.
    • Easypaisa: Leverage the Easypaisa platform for a quick subscription.
    • Retailer: Visit any Telenor-authorized retailer for assistance and subscription.
  3. Pricing:
    • The base Monthly Social Pack is priced at PKR 60, including tax.
    • For a more extensive offering, the Monthly Social Extreme Plus is available for PKR 173, inclusive of tax.
    • The comprehensive Social All-in-One Package comes at PKR 210, tax included, with a resources recharge requirement of PKR 260 to activate.

Remember, the variety of packages and subscription methods ensures that there’s a suitable option for every Telenor prepaid customer, making it easy to stay connected on your preferred social platforms.

Compared with Previous Years and Competitors

When comparing Telenor’s Social Package Monthly 2024 with previous offerings and those of competitors, a few key differences and advancements become apparent:

  • Evolution from Previous Years:
    • 2023: Offered 2,500 MB for social media and 800 SMS at the same price.
    • 2024: Enhancements include 6,000 MB for on-device deployment, indicating a substantial increase in data allowance for users.
  • Comparison with Competitors:
    • Competitor A: Provides 2,500 MB for social media and 1,000 SMS at Rs. 70 incl. tax.
    • Competitor B: Offers 3,500 MB for social media and 500 SMS at Rs. 90 incl. tax.
    • Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024: Stands out with its generous 6,000 MB specifically for social media usage, highlighting Telenor’s commitment to offering superior value in internet packages.

This comparison showcases Telenor’s dedication to not only keeping pace with the evolving demands of digital consumers but also setting new benchmarks in the telecommunications industry in Pakistan.

Tips for Maximizing the Social Package

To maximize the benefits of your Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024, consider integrating these practical tips into your digital routine:

  • Prioritize Your Social Media Use:
    • Identify the platforms you use most frequently, whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter. Allocate your data accordingly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your package without running out prematurely.
  • Monitor Your Data Usage Regularly:
    • Utilize the Telenor USSD codes like *999# to keep an eye on your data consumption. This proactive approach allows you to adjust your usage pattern before exceeding your limit, avoiding any unexpected charges.
  • Leverage Wi-Fi for Heavy Usage:
    • For tasks that require significant data, such as downloading large files or streaming high-resolution videos, try to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. This strategy helps preserve your package’s data for essential on-the-go social media activities, ensuring you remain connected throughout the month.

By adopting these strategies, you can enhance your online experience while ensuring that you’re making the most efficient use of the Telenor Social Package Monthly 2024.


Throughout the exploration of Telenor’s Social Package Monthly 2024, we’ve highlighted its adaptable features, economical pricing, and straightforward subscription processes, designed meticulously to meet the digital-era requisites of staying connected. The package’s evolution—from increasing data allowances to simplifying user interaction—underscores Telenor’s dedication to enhancing user experience and value. By comparing it to previous years and competitors, it is evident that Telenor not only matches but often surpasses the offerings available in the market, providing a unique blend of affordability, convenience, and comprehensive coverage for social media enthusiasts.


What does the Telenor monthly social package offer? The Telenor monthly social package is available for Rs. 210 including tax. It offers great value for social media usage. To subscribe to this package, dial *572#.

How can I get Telenor weekly minutes? You can get 140 Telenor minutes valid for a week at just Rs. 25. To stay more connected with your loved ones, dial *345*54# to avail of this offer.

What is included in Telenor’s 50 GB monthly package? Telenor offers a 50 GB monthly package for Rs. 700 inclusive of tax. This package is ideal for heavy internet users who enjoy browsing, streaming, video chatting, and entertainment without worrying about data limits.

Which is the best Telenor monthly package? Telenor offers several monthly packages, but some of the top offers include:

  • Monthly EasyCard: Rs. 700 incl. tax, with 10GBs + 10GBs (1 am-9 am) of internet, and 4,000 Telenor & PTCL minutes.
  • Monthly EasyCard 750: Rs. 695 incl. tax, with additional benefits.
  • Weekly EasyCard: Rs. 200 incl. tax, with a mix of internet, SMS, and call minutes.
  • Weekly Extreme Plus: Rs. 400 incl. tax, for users needing more data and minutes.
  • Sim Lagao Offer: This offer includes 10 GB of free internet (from 12 am to 7 pm) and 3,000 on-net minutes for those reactivating their SIMs.

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