All Telenor Monthly Internet Packages 2024

All Telenor Monthly Internet Packages 2024

Choose Telenor Monthly Internet Packages today and experience the convenience, speed, and reliability that will keep you connected and entertained throughout the month. With Telenor’s enhanced connection performance, it’s crucial to stay updated on the monthly deals that cater to various needs including sports, health, and digital products.

This guide will delve into Telenor’s diverse monthly internet applications, highlighting services from the Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Plus Package to specialized bundles for social media and TikTok enthusiasts. Get equipped to release a continuing virtual experience tailored to your lifestyle choices, ensuring you are always related while it matters most.

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Package Name Price (incl. tax) Internet Data Validity Dial Code
4G Monthly Ultra Rs. 450 12 GB + 12 GB (12 AM – 8 AM) 30 Days *335#
Mega Monthly Offer Rs. 180 100 GB (12 AM – 12 PM) 30 Days *29#
Monthly IMO Package Rs. 50 500 MB 30 Days *466#
Monthly Snapchat Package Rs. 5 2000 MB Snapchat 30 Days *915#
Monthly Social Extreme Rs. 130 10,000 MB Facebook & WhatsApp 30 Days *345*61#
Monthly Social Pack Rs. 60 2500MB (Facebook & Whatsapp) 30 Days *660#
Monthly Social Pack Plus Rs. 85 4,000 MB Facebook & WhatsApp + 1000 SMS 30 Days *660#
Monthly Team Play Offer Rs. 173 15,000 MBs Facebook & WhatsApp 30 Days *345*18#
Monthly TikTok Offer Rs. 60 3GB TikTok, Likee & SnackVideo 30 Days *121#
PUBGM Monthly Offer Rs. 60 2GB PUBGM+100MBs 30 Days *345*57#
4G Monthly Ultra Plus Rs. 700 50 GB (incl. 25 GB 1AM-11AM) 30 Days *303#
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 370 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM – 7AM) 30 Days *302#
4G Monthly Super Rs. 350 12000MB (incl. 6000MB 1 AM-11 AM) 30 Days *979#
4G Monthly Lite Rs. 190 4GB (incl. 2GB 1AM – 11AM) 30 Days *345*1001#
Monthly Extreme Offer Rs. 950 50GB (25GB 1AM – 9AM) + 7500 mins Onnet 30 Days *345*61#
Monthly Extreme Plus Rs. 1080 80GB (40GB 1AM – 9AM) + 10000 mins Onnet 30 Days *345*48#
Monthly Super Plus Rs. 600 36GB (18GB 1AM – 9AM) + 500 mins Onnet 30 Days *979#


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Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Plus Package

Stepping into the realm of high-volume data packages, Telenor’s 4G Monthly Ultra Plus Package stands out for its generous offering. Tailored for data-hungry users, this package includes:

  • Internet Volume: A whopping 50 GB of records, which incorporates a dedicated 25 GB for use between 1 AM and 11 AM, ensuring that night owls and early birds alike can revel in uninterrupted surfing.
  • Price and Validity: Priced at Rs. 700, including tax, the package stays legitimate for 30 days, supplying enough time to make use of the statistics.
  • Subscription Flexibility: The beauty of this package lies in its flexibility; users can subscribe more than one time within the validity length, with each re-subscription refreshing the validity for every other 30 days. This feature ensures that you’re in no way left without information whilst you want it maximum.

Activation is easy, requiring a simple dial to *303#. It’s vital to be aware that the package deal caters solely to all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers, making it a flexible choice for a wide person base. Furthermore, the package deal is now not vehicle-renew, placing management firmly in the fingers of the subscriber. For those eager to monitor their information usage, the remaining MBs may be checked through *999#, bearing in mind the efficient management of resources.

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Telenor Monthly Social Pack

Diving into the world of social connectivity, Telenor Monthly Social Pack caters especially to users who are energetic on systems like Facebook and WhatsApp. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this package:

  • Basic Social Pack: For a modest Rs. 60 (incl. tax), users get 2500MB dedicated to Facebook and WhatsApp, valid for 30 days.
  • Social Pack Plus: Elevating your social media game, this option offers 3,000MB of internet and 1000 SMS for Facebook and WhatsApp at just Rs. 85 (incl. tax).
  • Monthly Social Extreme: For those needing more, Rs. 130 (incl. tax) unlocks 8,000MB for Facebook and WhatsApp.

It’s important to note that after the bundle expires, the standard rate of Rs. 4.8/MB (incl. tax) applies until the package’s validity ends. Furthermore, Telenor ensures flexibility and control, as the package does not auto-renew, and users can check remaining resources through specific USSD codes. All Telenor GSM Prepaid customers can avail of this offer, which is subject to change and may vary by geographic location. Lastly, data speed can fluctuate based on several factors, ensuring that you stay connected with your loved ones, seamlessly.

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Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle

For those looking for a balance between affordability and sufficient data to cover their monthly needs, the Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle is a perfect fit. Priced at just Rs. 370 including tax, this package offers:

  • 8 GB of Internet Data: Split into 4 GB for any time of the day and an additional 4 GB available from 1 AM to 7 AM, catering to both day users and night owls.
  • Activation: Easy activation by dialing *302#, making it accessible for all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers.
  • Validity: This bundle lasts for 30 days, providing a month-long connectivity solution.

Should you deplete your data before the month is up, Telenor has a safety net in place, charging only Rs. 1/MB incl. tax until your package’s expiration. To keep track of your usage, Telenor offers a comprehensive USSD code list:

  • Check remaining MBs: *999#
  • Minutes: *222#
  • SMS: *111#
  • Balance: *444#
  • Offer Resources: *123#

Upon the bundle’s expiration, you’re not left in the lurch; it automatically unsubscribes, preventing any unexpected charges. For those moments when you need just a bit more data, the supplementary package at PKR 6 for 300 MBs, available once a month by dialing *503#, comes in handy. This blend of affordability, sufficient data, and user-friendly features make the Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle an excellent choice for savvy internet users.

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Telenor Monthly TikTok Offer

Tapping into the vibrant world of short-form video content, Telenor introduces the Monthly TikTok Offer, designed to keep you connected with the latest trends and creativity on TikTok, Likee, and SnackVideo. This package is a perfect fit for social media aficionados looking for ample data to explore and create content. Below are the key features and details:

  • Monthly TikTok Offer:
    • Data Allowance: 3GB for TikTok, Likee, and SnackVideo
    • Price: Rs. 60 (incl. tax)
    • Validity: 30 days
    • Activation: Dial *121#
    • Check Remaining MBs: *999# (charges: Rs 0.24)

For those moments when you need just a bit more data, Telenor offers a supplementary package:

  • Supplementary Package:
    • Price: PKR 6
    • Volume: 300 MBs
    • Activation: Dial *503#
    • Limitation: Can be availed only once a month

Key Points to Remember:

  • The offer and supplementary package are available exclusively to Telenor GSM Prepaid customers.
  • Data speed and availability may vary based on location and network conditions.
  • The offer will not auto-renew upon expiration, ensuring no surprise charges.
  • Multiple subscriptions within the validity period are possible, but resources and validity from each subscription remain independent and do not merge.

This tailored package ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest digital trends without worrying about data consumption.

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Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the vast landscape of Telenor’s monthly internet offerings for 2024, from the data-rich 4G Monthly Ultra Plus Package to niche bundles tailored for social media aficionados and TikTok enthusiasts. These packages not only cater to diverse digital habits—ranging from gaming and streaming to online learning and social connectivity—but also emphasize Telenor’s commitment to flexibility, user control, and enhanced digital experiences for its prepaid GSM customers. By selecting packages suited to specific needs, users can ensure they remain seamlessly connected in an increasingly digital world.


What is the best monthly internet package offered by Telenor? Telenor Pakistan provides several monthly internet packages, among which the following are noteworthy:

  • 4G Monthly Lite: For Rs. 190 including tax, you get 4GB of internet data.
  • Monthly Extreme Offer: Priced at Rs. 1040 including tax, this package gives you 50GB of internet (with 25GB usable from 1 AM to 9 AM) and 7500 on-net minutes.
  • Monthly Extreme Plus: At Rs. 1210 including tax, this option offers 80GB of internet (40GB available from 1 AM to 9 AM) plus 10000 on-net minutes.
  • Monthly Ultimate Offer: For Rs. 1390 including tax, you receive 200GB of internet and unlimited on-net minutes.

How do I subscribe to Telenor’s 30GB data bundle? To obtain Telenor’s 30GB data bundle, which is distributed as 10GB per month over three months for a total validity of 90 days, you can dial *345*2004#. Please note that there may be an error or change in the subscription code, so it’s best to confirm the latest details from Telenor’s official channels.

What is included in the Telenor 34554# package? By dialing *345*54#, Telenor customers can access a weekly package that offers 140 Telenor minutes for just Rs. 25. This package allows users to stay connected with their friends and family for a week at an affordable price.

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