Telenor Internet Packages for One Day 2024

Telenor Internet Packages for One Day 2024

Stay connected with lightning-fast Telenor Internet Packages for One Day! With these amazing packages, you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and downloading at unbelievable speeds. Whether you’re catching up on your favorite TV shows, staying updated on social media, or simply exploring the online world, Telenor has got you covered. Whether you’re into sports, video streaming, or staying up to date with the latest music hits in the USA, Telenor’s one-day internet offerings are tailored to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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Daily Social Pack

For those looking to stay connected on social media without the worry of running out of data or facing hefty charges, Telenor’s Daily Social Pack is a budget-friendly solution. Priced at only PKR 3 (inclusive of tax), this package offers:

Telenor Daily Social Pack

Feature Description
Data Volume 70 MB (for Social Media Use)
Price (incl. Tax) PKR 3
Validity 1 Day
Activation Code *311#
Customer Eligibility All Telenor Prepaid Users
Auto-Renewal No
Check Remaining MBs *999#
**Additional Notes**
Standard Rate After Expiry Rs. 4.8/MB (incl. Tax)


  • 70 MB of Internet Data: Specifically allocated for social media use, ensuring you can browse, post, and interact on your favorite platforms.
  • Validity: The pack lasts for a full day, catering to your immediate needs without any long-term commitments.
  • Ease of Subscription: By dialing *311#, you can instantly activate this offer, making it convenient for all Telenor prepaid users.

It’s important to note that upon the expiry of the bundle, standard rates of Rs. 4.8/MB (incl. tax) apply. However, the package is designed to auto-unsubscribe once the validity ends, preventing any unexpected charges. For those keen on monitoring their data usage, the remaining MBs can be checked through *999#. This package, like all Telenor internet offerings, is subject to change, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to user needs and market trends.

Daily YouTube Package

For those who can’t go a day without their YouTube fix, Telenor’s Daily YouTube Package is a game-changer. Tailored for video enthusiasts, this package ensures you stay up to date with the latest uploads without worrying about data limits. Here’s what you need to know:

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Telenor Daily YouTube Package (Chalao Videos ab More se Zyada)

Feature Description
Data Volume 500 MB (for YouTube Only)
Price (incl. Tax) Rs. 8
Validity 1 Day (till Midnight)
Activation Code *60#
Customer Eligibility All Telenor Prepaid Customers
**Key Features**
Automatic Unsubscription Yes
Resource Check *999#
Multiple Subscriptions Allowed
**Important Notes**
Price & Volume May Vary By Location
Usage Notifications 80% & 100% Data Used
Supplementary Package Available (Dial *503#)


  • Package Name: Daily YouTube Package (Chalao Videos ab More se Zyada)
  • Internet Volume: 500 MBs exclusively for YouTube
  • Price: Rs. 8 incl. tax
  • Validity: 1 day (till midnight)
  • Activation Code: Dial *60#
  • Eligibility: All Telenor Prepaid customers

Key Features:

  • Automatic Unsubscription: Once the validity period ends, the package auto-unsubscribes, avoiding any surprise charges.
  • Resource Check: Dial *999# to keep track of your remaining MBs, ensuring you’re never in the dark about your data usage.
  • Multiple Subscriptions: Feel free to subscribe multiple times within the validity period. If you exhaust your data before the package expires, a standard rate of Rs 1/MB incl. tax applies.

Important Notes:

  • The package’s terms, including price and internet volume, may vary based on your geographic location.
  • Notifications will be sent when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your data, with suggestions for relevant offers to prevent standard rate charges.
  • A supplementary package is available as a hedge against accidental standard rate charges, ensuring peace of mind.

This package is perfect for those who love streaming YouTube videos, offering a generous data allowance at an affordable price, with the flexibility and control to manage your internet usage effectively.

Daily Offpeak Offer

Transitioning smoothly from the vibrant world of video streaming, Telenor introduces the Daily Offpeak Offer, a tailored package for those who find their peak internet usage times outside the conventional hours. This unique offering is designed to cater to early risers and daytime internet surfers, providing a substantial data volume at an economical price point. Here’s what you need to know:

More Offers:

Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer

Feature Description
Price (incl. Tax) Rs. 15
Data Volume 1500 MB
Validity 12 Hours (6 AM – 6 PM)
Activation Code *10#
Customer Eligibility All juice & Telenor Prepaid
Supplementary Package 300 MB for Rs. 6 (Dial *503#)
**Usage & Charges**
Post-Bundle Rate Rs. 4.8/MB (incl. Tax)
Resource Monitoring *999#
Usage Notifications 80% & 100% Data Used


  • Offer Details:
    • Price: Rs. 15 incl. tax
    • Internet Volume: 1500 MB
    • Validity Period: 12 Hours (6 AM – 6 PM)
    • Activation Code: Dial *10#
  • Eligibility and Supplementary Package:
    • Eligible Users: All Djuice and Telenor customers
    • Supplementary Package: For an additional PKR 6, avail 300 MBs to hedge against accidental standard rate charges. This can be activated by dialing *503# and is limited to once a month.
  • Usage and Charges:
    • Post-Bundle Rate: Rs. 4.8/MB incl. tax
    • Resource Monitoring: Check remaining MBs via *999#, with notifications at 80% and 100% usage to prompt action against standard rate charging.

This offpeak package is an excellent choice for users seeking to maximize their internet usage during the day without the worry of rapid data depletion or unexpected charges. It’s a testament to Telenor’s commitment to providing flexible internet solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its customer base.

Raat Din Offer

Transitioning into the nocturnal hours, Telenor’s Raat Din Offer emerges as a beacon for night owls and early birds alike, providing an impressive 1.5 GB of internet data. This package is specifically designed to cater to those who find the serene quiet of the night or the fresh start of the morning the perfect time for their internet activities. Here’s what makes the Raat Din Offer a standout choice:

  • Price & Data: For just Rs. 18 (incl. tax), you get 1.5 GB of internet data.
  • Validity: The package lasts 12 hours, from 12 AM to 12 PM, ideal for overnight use or early morning browsing.
  • Activation: Getting started is easy; simply dial *150# to activate the offer.

Eligibility and Charges:

  • All Djuice and Telenor prepaid customers can take advantage of this offer.
  • After the bundle expires, standard charges of Rs. 4.8/MB (incl. tax) applies, ensuring you’re always in control of your spending.

Additional Insights:


Through the exploration of Telenor’s diverse one-day internet packages, it’s clear that the telecommunications giant aims to cater to a wide range of digital needs and preferences. From the Daily Social Pack designed for social media enthusiasts to the Daily YouTube Package for video buffs, and not forgetting the specialized offerings of the Daily Offpeak and Raat Din Offers for specific time-based internet usage, Telenor demonstrates a keen understanding of its users’ varied online habits. These packages, with their economical pricing and user-friendly features such as auto-unsubscription and easy activation, underscore Telenor’s commitment to providing value and convenience.


How do I activate Telenor’s one-day internet package?

To activate Telenor’s one-day internet package, you can dial 5250#. For Rs. 13 including tax, you’ll receive 50 MBs of internet data, an additional 100 MBs for WhatsApp, and unlimited Telenor calls. This package is valid for one day until midnight.

Can you explain the Telenor *71 offer?

The Telenor *71 offer is a weekly package that provides users with 5000 MB of 4G internet from 6 AM to 6 PM over 7 days. To avail of this offer, dial *71#. It is designed to offer better speed and affordable rates.

What does the Telenor *345*19 code offer?

By dialing *345*19# or using the MyTelenor App, you can subscribe to the Telenor Monthly EasyCard. This package offers a substantial amount of data, minutes, and SMS for an entire month, providing you with stress-free connectivity on the go.

How to get 50 GB of internet with Telenor?

To get 50 GB of internet on Telenor, dial *303#. The package costs Rs. 700 including tax and is valid for 30 days. It includes 50 GB of data, with 25 GB available from 1 AM to 11 AM.

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