Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans 2024

Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans 2024

With Telenor SMS Packages, you can stay connected with your contacts regardless of the time or location. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the go, our extensive packages ensure constant communication without any limitations. Telenor Pakistan, because of its inception in 2005, has been a trailblazer in offering innovative virtual and SMS conversation services. Catering to your diverse wishes, Telenor offers a wide variety of SMS programs, including daily, weekly, and month-to-month alternatives, ensuring you live connected with cherished results easily.

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Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Package Name Price (incl. tax) SMS Freebies Validity Subscription Code
Daily SMS Bundle Rs. 4.78 240 None 1 Day *2*2*1#
Djuice Karachi Offer Rs. 10 1000 Unlimited On-Net Minutes 1 Day *345*21#
Djuice Daily Three ka Scene Rs. 13 200 Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 5 MB 1 Day *345*006#
50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer Rs. 15 300 50 On-Net Minutes, 4 MB 1 Day *5*100#
100 Minutes Mini Budget Offer Rs. 18 300 100 On-Net Minutes 1 Day *050#
3 Days 3 Ka Scene Offer Rs. 34 500 Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 50 MB 3 Days *345*210#
3 Days All in One Offer Rs. 35.85 150 150 On-Net Minutes, 15 Off-Net Minutes, 150 MB 3 Days *345*210#
Djuice 3 On Net Offer Rs. 36 500 250 On-Net Minutes, 15 MB 3 Days *345*031#
Super 3 Offer Rs. 40 300 300 On-Net Minutes, 100 MB 3 Days *345*91#
3 Day Mini Budget Package Rs. 50 300 600 On-Net Minutes, 50 MB 3 Days *345*243#
3 Din Sahulat Offer Rs. 52 250 250 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 50 MB 3 Days *345*210#
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs. 17 2000 None 7 Days *111#
Sahulat Mini Offer Rs. 75 200 200 On-Net Minutes, 20 Off-Net Minutes, 100 MB 7 Days *170#
Haftawar Sahulat Offer Rs. 120 700 1000 On-Net Minutes, 70 Off-Net Minutes, 100 MB + 350 MB for Social Media 7 Days *5*7#
Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer Rs. 170 160 Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 70 MB + 350 MB for Social Media 7 Days *5*700#
Weekly Easy Card Rs. 135 1000 1000 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 1500 MB 7 Days *003#
Monthly SMS Bundle Rs. 47.8 6000 None 30 Days *345*117#
Mahana Rakhwala Package Rs. 418 3000 3000 On-Net Minutes, 300 MB 30 Days *345*30#
Easy Card Rs. 450 500 500 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 500 MB 30 Days *345*19#
Easy Card Plus Rs. 800 2000 2000 On-Net Minutes, 150 Off-Net Minutes, 2000 MB 30 Days *003#


Telenor caters to your everyday communication desires with several SMS packages designed for each sort of consumer. Whether you are a heavy texter or simply need a few SMS for pressing communique, there may be a package deal tailored for you.

  • Daily SMS Bundle: For just R s. 4.78 (incl. tax), get 240 SMS with a 1-day validity. Activate by dialing *345*116#.
  • Daily SMS Plus Package: Offers 150 SMS for Rs. 2.38, valid for 1 day. This is perfect for users who need more than the basic package but less than the full daily bundle.
  • Telenor Djuice Karachi Offer: Specifically for Karachi residents, this package provides an impressive 1000 SMS to all networks for Rs. 10 (incl. tax), catering to the heavy texter’s needs.

For those looking for more than just SMS, the Daily YouTube Package includes 500 MB of internet for Rs. 8 with a 1-day validity, activated by dialing *345*112#. This is an excellent add-on for users who enjoy multimedia content alongside texting.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Moving on, Telenor doesn’t fall short on the subject of catering to your weekly conversation wishes. Here’s a breakdown of their weekly SMS packages, designed to keep you connected without the hassle of daily renewals:

  • Weekly SMS Bundle: For those who prioritize texting, the Weekly SMS Bundle gives a whopping 2000 SMS for simply Rs. 17, legitimate for 7 days. Activate this bundle by way of dialing *345*117#.
  • Sahulat Mini Offer: A flexible package for users looking for greater than simply texts. For Rs. 27, get 200 SMS, 200 on-internet mins, 20 off-net mins, and 300 MB net (such as 200 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter), all valid for 7 days. Activation is simple, simply dial *170#.
  • Haftawar Sahulat Package: This comprehensive package deal is best for heavy users, offering 1000 on-internet mins, 70 off-net mins, 700 SMS, and 1000 MBs of internet for Rs. 120, valid for 7 days. Activate by using dialing *57*#.

Each of those packages is tailored to special consumer desires, ensuring that whether you’re a text enthusiast or a person who likes a bit of everything, Telenor has you blanketed.

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Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

For those who prefer not to worry about frequent renewals, Telenor’s monthly SMS packages offer a convenient solution with the bonus of internet data for WhatsApp, making sure you stay connected on all fronts.

  • Monthly SMS Bundle: Enjoy 10,000 SMS at the side of 300MB for WhatsApp at simply Rs. 60. Valid for 30 days, this bundle may be activated by dialing *345*363#.
  • Telenor Easy Card 1000: For a comprehensive conversation answer, this bundle includes 10,000 SMS, 7,000 On-Net minutes, 450 Off-Net mins, and 15,000 MBs of net information, fascinated about Rs. 900 with a 30-day validity.
  • Special 15-Day Packages: For individuals who find monthly renewals too long and weekly too short, the 15-Day Economy SMS Bundle offers a candy spot with 800 SMS at Rs. 17, legitimate for 15 days. Activation is as easy as dialing *345*112# or 555.

Telenor’s diverse range of monthly programs ensures there is something for absolutely everyone, whether you’re a heavy texter, a social media fanatic, or someone who loves to have a chunk of the whole lot.

How to Subscribe to Telenor SMS Packages

Subscribing to Telenor SMS packages is a straightforward process, designed to get you connected quickly. Here’s how you can activate your preferred SMS package:

  • Activation via USSD Codes:
    • For the 5-Day SMS Bundle, dial *345*015# at Rs. 9.5 for 300 SMS valid for 5 days.
    • The 15-Day Economy SMS Bundle can be activated by dialing 345112# for Rs. 17, offering 800 SMS over 15 days.
    • To enjoy the Monthly SMS Bundle, simply dial *345*363# to get 10,000 SMS plus 300MB for WhatsApp at just Rs. 60 for 30 days.
  • Using the My Telenor App:
    • Alternatively, Telenor SMS packages can also be activated through the My Telenor App. Simply download the app, navigate to the ‘Offers’ section, and select your desired SMS package for activation.
  • Balance and Validity Check:
    • After subscription, you can check your remaining SMS count and package validity by dialing *111# (Charges of Rs. 0.20 + Tax).

Remember, these SMS packages are a limited-time offer and can be used for any network within the country. Also, note that prices are slightly higher in certain regions due to tax differences.

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Throughout this newsletter, we’ve explored the diverse array of SMS applications supplied through Telenor Pakistan, tailor-made to meet every consumer’s communication wishes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Whether you’re a heavy texter, a social media aficionado, or someone who cherishes the benefit of speaking without the worry of frequent renewals, Telenor guarantees you live linked with your loved ones smoothly. The certain guide on deciding on and subscribing to those programs aids in making an informed preference, enriching your conversation revel in.


Q: What does the Telenor *345*117 code offer? A: As of May 7th, Telenor Prepaid customers can use the code *345*117# to activate a package that includes 2000 SMS valid for 7 days for Rs. 17, inclusive of tax.

Q: Can you tell me about Telenor’s weekly package options? A: Telenor offers various weekly packages, including the one mentioned above with the *345*117# code. For other weekly options, please check Telenor’s official website or contact their customer service.

Q: How can I avail of the Telenor *345*210 package? A: Starting from February 10th, 2021, all Telenor customers can subscribe to a package by dialing *345*210#. This package provides 150 Telenor minutes, SMS, and MBs, plus 10 minutes for other networks, all for Rs. 40, including tax. The package is valid for 3 days and requires a load of Rs. 50.

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